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Career Options Besides Engineering & Medical:

Life is full of options. Depending on one’s interest any career options can be chosen. While the widely opted for studies are engineering and medicine, there are numerous other choices that are open to students these days. First step is identifying which course you want to pursue further is to understand where your goals lie. Secondly decide if you like the arts or the sciences better. Thirdly if you have a monetary constraint, analyze which courses will be more cost effective. Fourth and most important, most (if not all) of us study to get placed. So it is always wise to choose a study that will fetch a job with decent wages. Keeping all these in mind, let’s get started.

While there are literally hundreds of career options, let us take the few that are interesting and gaining popularity.

Business and Management: This is one of the top career options, right up there with engineering and medicine. Given the fact that entrepreneurship is gaining its fair share in the current economy, studies relating to business and management will definitely be the ‘go to’ courses. For a student with good grades, there are multi-national companies that recruit from B-schools each year. In addition there are also small business development courses that groom the students purely for entrepreneurship. Here the students can learn the necessary skills to start their own business. So one can either start his or her own business or learn to manage the business of others (pun intended!). Hence the job market is relatively good. All things considered this would be a good option for both education and career progression.

Retail Banking: It always pays to work in the banking sector. If not for anything else, atleast, one can bypass the queue at the ATM for getting cash! (until there is a change in scenario that is). Jokes apart, this is an industry that is not as widely exploited as it should be. When we hear the term banking, the first thought that comes to mind are customer service centers (or call centers and back offices as you may know). However, banking is not limited only to this. The retail banking segment focusses on different strategies for developing business. Marketing lures and adds to the customer base, while Technology strives to improve the online facilities for that customer base. In today’s world, the products are the same across different companies, banks or any other organization. The only thing that sets them apart is the service. Since the common man pays the same price, his lookout would be to select the company that offers the best service and facilities. To fulfill this wish, banks are constantly upgrading their service levels, both online and offline. In order to do this, they need good intellect and people who can think beyond the average mind. Hence if you have an aptitude in this area, this is most likely one of the best career options available.

The Sciences and Arts: If you are in a situation where you wish to pursue higher education but need to have a basic undergrad degree. Then choose the right science or arts course that will help further your goal. Alternatively, if you plan to manage your home, courses such as home science, nutrition and dietetics will put you in the right path. There are also courses in literature, sociology, psychology, space science, photography, furniture making, printing & dyeing etc. I can go on and on but the page is limiting! Getting a college prospectus will list out your options. Even if you wish to study purely for the sake of getting a degree, know that no education is a waste. Be rest assured, you will use it someday at some time.

Law: This is for all those who wish for justice to be served! This career is not for the faint of heart. If you are the kind of person who can and wish to fight for the cause of all that is honest and right, opt for this career path. However choose your area of specialization with care. One can learn criminal law or plainly handle civil cases. Make your choice wisely. Whichever field you choose, learn to to the right thing. This is one field of study that has mostly ‘grey’ areas. It becomes difficult to distinguish the black from the white after a point of time. So try not to be swayed by money or matter and fight for the principles that you hold close to your heart.

Fashion Technology: This was one study that was not so popular some ten years ago but has boomed in recent times. I’m sure there is not one person who does not wish to be well groomed. While most of us are lazy to get dressed, it is indeed a pleasurable feeling when someone says that you look good! This is the science that teaches one how to stand out from the crowd. Fashion is not limited to the dudes and divas of Bollywood alone. It is meant for everyone. ‘Clothes maketh a man’ is an oft used phrase in our society. Make use of this science to make yourself and others around you beautiful. Anybody who has a flair for designing and is full of creative ideas can pursue this course without a regret.

Travel & Tourism: I’m sure most of you would have channel surfed. If you haven’t let me tell you that there are TV channels dedicated to travel and tourism. They have a host of programs and amazing anchors travelling to exotic places of the world. You get to travel the world and get paid for it too…what more could one ask for in this life! If you are the kind of person who wishes to have wings and fly like a bird, this is the right path to go on. If you hate being cooped up in one place, then by all means let us hope to see those of you on TLC very soon!

Animation & Web-design: For those who are enthusiastic about gaming and toons, this study path will be a suitable choice. There are so many beautiful animation movies out there, which are not limited to just fun; they portray so many strong emotions and some even move you to tears. The Japanese anime industry bears a special mention here given their take on making web-toons and other animation movies and dramas for all seasons and reasons! Web-designing is also gaining the upper hand in the current market where online shopping has become the name of the game. Most businesses are trying to shift online to cater to the competition and growing public demand. Hence if you have good coding skills and want to do something besides write conventional programs for software companies, this would be a nice career option.

Foreign Language studies: This is one other offbeat course that is rapidly gaining popularity these days. The scope for those who are proficient in foreign languages is not only limited to domestic job opportunities but one can work almost anywhere across the globe. Foreign militia recruits translators for several important discussions involving communicating with dignitaries from other countries. If you’re on the lookout for a dash of something exotic and dangerous, this will the path to walk on.

There are scores of other career options to choose from, which is not limited to the above. Like I said, decide what you want to do and where you wish to be in the long run and choose your education accordingly. Strive for the best. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks and move forward in life.

You can also take a look at how knowing your personality will help your choice of career, in this article.

All the best!

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