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Top Career Options After 12th in India

We’ve come a long way from the times where a child would either become a doctor or an engineer to ushering in an era where hundreds of different career paths are open to the young generation. If you take a look at the career options, which get picked the most, it is evident that there are some career paths more popular than others.

So, if you are still not sure about your career plans, take a look at these options that will help you make up your mind. This may not be an exhaustive list, but we’ve tried to compile the most popular choices.

1. Engineering – There is no denying that B. Tech and B.E. are the two most popular programs in the country. For those who wish to pursue a technical program, engineering is an outstanding option. It has a well-defined job market and thousands of vacancies, provided you perform well and graduate from a decent college.

2. Medical – As cliché as it sounds, the second most popular program in India is medical. Tens of thousands of people enroll in the various medical programs each year. Students are drawn to this profession like bees to honey and try to get into various medical institutions in the country.

3. Law – Lawyers are a necessary part of any society. They can earn more than lakhs easily in a month, provided they are well-known and have won most of the cases. Candidates need to clear the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) to take up this profession.

4. Armed Forces– The army has one of the most grueling selection criteria in the country, where you must prove your physical as well as mental acumen. The Armed Forces – Navy, Army, and AirForce want the best men and women to join them. NDA (National Defence Academy) exams open doors to a career in Armed Forces for students who have passed/are studying in 12th science.

5. Hotel Management – A relatively new career option in India, hotel management allows you to pursue a life in the service industry in various capacities. Whether it’s a chef or hotel manager, there are many things that you can opt for in this program. The National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint regulates B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration and other courses of study.

6. Architecture – Building a home or a workspace is not as simple as laying a few bricks and putting up a roof. It needs careful planning, analysis of the available space, and most of all, style. Architects are the ones you approach when you want to build something new. In a world where new properties are being built ever day, there are architects who ensure that everything is planned properly, and there are no silly goof-ups. So, if you like designing things and drawing plans, etc., then this career is for you!

7. Fashion – There is so much more to the fashion industry than just the pretty models on the ramp. If you have a flair for designing and are in love with everything trendy, then this field is for you. This career is all about designing new apparels, creating innovative designs, etc.

From the traditional favorites to the glamorous choices, India has certainly evolved and now accepts all kinds of professions.

For picking the best option for yourself, you need to know your personality as well. Read about how your personality type can influence your career choices in this article.

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