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After you have checked your CBSE Class 10 results the big question that comes to your mind is which stream should you choose? This in fact is the most crucial transition period for students for choosing the right stream in good colleges which will decide your future.

So, how to make that decision? How to select the apt stream for yourself? Is there any made easy guideline? No. While there can be no such guidelines because a guideline by someone else must not decide the course of your life, there are a few points to assist you to take the perfect decision.

4 Valuable tips

Firstly, decide your inclination. There is an inner call that will tell you which subjects do you prefer. Of course, you cannot fuse chemistry, sociology, home science and physics and find one such stream that teaches all of them together. But, there is always a clear inclination that will tell you which subjects draw your attention more, subjects that give you more happiness and comfort in studying them.

Second of all, do a bit of research and know what these subjects teach you at the higher secondary level. English, for example, as a subject, evolves to another level in the higher secondary syllabi. And, it is wise, in today’s era of competition, that you select subjects that can fetch you better grades and are in your comfort zone.

Thirdly, research and know the career options that this stream will lead you to.

And last but not the least, know the admission criteria and cut off marks to get enrolled in your desired stream. While this is what a student might do, if you are a parent, you can walk on the similar lines too and do your research. But, what should never ever be done is you must never pressurize your child to select a stream that does not interest him or her. The mythical notions that science students are the quality ones and forcibly putting your child into one such stream that does not stimulate your child can only bring poorer grades and a doomed and frustrating career. So please, if you are a parent, understand the psychology of your child.

Now, what are the main streams among which you need to make your pick? There are three streams – Science, Arts and Commerce.

  • Commerce – Courses that deal with trade and business
  • Arts – Courses deal with a wide range such as History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Human Resources, Law, Journalism and more
  • Science – Courses deal in Medical and Engineering.

There are various careers that these streams lead you to. So, make your choice and while doing so, ask three questions to yourself:

  • What is your aim in life?
  • Which subjects are your strong and weak points? And, how weak are you on your weaker subjects?
  • Are you ready to sit for aptitude tests?

A basic self-introspection is more than sufficient to lead you to the correct path. However, always remember that you are growing and evolving each year, and the stream that you choose must give you a secured life in future.

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