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In order to improve the education system of India, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)  is planning  yet another change in the question paper pattern for Class X and XII examination. CBSE  plans to reform the structure of Class X and XII exams effective  from year 2020 as a part of revamp. It also includes holding vocational subject tests earlier in February. Officials said the new exam pattern would test students on their analytical abilities and reduce the scope of memorization.

The board has also submitted new “CBSE bylaws” to the ministry for approval, according to which the focus during affiliation or renewal of schools will be on academic quality of institutions. For the inspection of infrastructure in schools, the board will place reliance on reports of the recognising authorities, that is, the respective state education departments. The board is also looking forward  to complete all exams in March itself, so as to create more room for evaluation and declare the results earlier.

What is the reason behind CBSE to introduce changes for class 10th and 12th ?

Citing MHRD sources, agencies reported that the initiative of this pattern change is being taken to discourage students from memorization. The new pattern aims to students on their analytical skills and reasoning abilities instead of blind copy pasting from textbook. The board claims that this step will produce a better result and the academic quality of institutions will be renewed.

The New Plan

Some major changes expected to be introduced in the new CBSE exam pattern 2020 are:
  1. Question papers to be designed to check the problem-solving and analytical thinking of students
  2. Paper pattern to be revamped to include more short answer-type questions like those ranging from 1 to 5 marks
  3. Vocational course exams to be held in February, and the final board exams to conclude by March “in around 15 days,” as per a senior official
  4. Results likely to be declared earlier than the schedule followed in current structure.
  5. More emphasis to be put on improved quality of academics.
  6. State governments would evaluate schools’ working criteria.
Following the early wrapping up of boards, the results are likely to be declared earlier than the schedule followed in the current structure. Under the new plan, there is a vision for putting more emphasis on improved quality of academics in institutions such as teachers, learning outcomes and pedagogy.
Respective state governments (state’s directorates of education/school education departments) would be responsible for evaluating their schools’ working criteria, infrastructure, and facilities, and their report will be the guide for CBSE to arrive at a decision. CBSE’s renewed paper pattern also aims to simplify and shorten the rules of affiliation and renewal for schools.

Is the Plan approved?

CBSE has submitted this proposal to the ministry for approval. The proposals regarding the examination schedule are “still at the discussion stage”,  however, the board is already working toward implementing the changes in question paper by the year 2020. Reportedly, it will take about three to four months to get finalised. The board is still working on these changes and renewals which will be applicable from 2020 session.

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