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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), under the Union Government, is a Board of Education for the schools in India. It was formed on the 3rd of November, 1962. Headed by Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi in New Delhi, this council is run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The objective of CBSE is to serve the educational institutions more effectively. CBSE has succeeded in making a common standard for all the students in our country. Every year, the number of schools getting affiliated to the Board has been increasing. More than 5000 schools have taken CBSE as their Board of Education. This article is on CBSE Class 12th Syllabus and weughtage scheme.

Students today are offered a plethora of choices in everything including education. When it comes to academics, there are multiple options like CBSE, State Board, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, etc. Thanks to its incredible syllabus, one of the most popular curriculum standards in India is the CBSE system, which enhances the learning process for students. CBSE is a recognized, standard educational board of India that has a well-structured syllabus and a comprehensive question pattern. Its curriculum updation has always been a continuous process.

Applicants get three chances for clearing the papers (Compartment) in CBSE Class 12th board exam. But students who have appeared for CBSE Class XII board exam in 2012 or before, will be given five chances to clear compartment papers.

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CBSE Class 12

The first and the foremost necessity to studying for a CBSE 12th standard exam is to create your schedule right in advance. You cannot sit with the books a night before D-Day and think of passing with flying colours. The easiness and difficulty of a topic vary from person to person. So, you need to decide your difficult topics and study them first. It means that you have to know the exact syllabus topics to make the most of the opportunity given to you.

Today, in this article, we’ll be discussing the CBSE class 12th syllabus. Read it well to build a roadmap for CBSE examination 2018. The weightage of each chapter is also mentioned for you to strategically build a plan best for your CBSE exam preparation.

Download CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 12 PDF here for free.

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus

Before we dive in, let’s have a look at the complete syllabus:

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Physics

Unit Chapter / Topic
I Electrostatics
Electric Charges and Fields
·Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
II Current Electricity
III Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism
Moving Charges and Magnetism
Magnetism and Matter
IV Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Current
V Electromagnetic Waves
VI Optics
Wave Optics       Ray   Optics
VII Dual Nature of Matter
VIII Atoms & Nuclei
IX Electronic Devices
Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
X Communication Systems

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Chemistry

Unit Title
I Solid State
II Solutions
III Electrochemistry
IV Chemical Kinetics
V Surface Chemistry
VI Isolation of Elements
VII p-Block Elements
VIII d- and f-Block Elements
IX Coordination Compounds
X Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
XI Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
XII Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
XIII Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
XIV Biomolecules
XV Polymers
XVI Chemistry in Everyday Life

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Biology

Unit Title
1 Reproduction
Reproduction in Organisms
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Reproductive Health
2 Genetics and evolution
Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
3 Biology and human welfare
Human Health and Diseases
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Microbes in Human Welfare
4 Biotechnology and its applications
Biotechnology – Principles and Processes
Biotechnology and its Application
5 Ecology and Environment
Organisms and Populations
Biodiversity and its Conservation
Environmental Issues

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Maths

Mathematics Syllabus
Relations and Functions
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Limits and Continuity
Continuity and Differentiability
Application of Derivatives
Indefinite Integration
Definite Integration
Application of Integrals
Differential Equations
Vector Algebra
Three Dimensional Geometry
Linear Programming

Downloading the CBSE Class XII Syllabus

You can also download the official syllabus of CBSE Class XII with the following links:

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Physics

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Chemistry

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Biology

CBSE Class 12th Syllabus: Math

Now that you have got your hands on the CBSE class 12 board syllabus, it is about time to grab a pen and paper for preparing a schedule study subjects and you also have enough time for revision. It is advisable that you study all these subjects from the NCERT books. Once you are done studying with the content in the NCERT books, you can check out some good guidebooks to up your preparation. Also, please don’t forget to solve CBSE sample papers and appear for mock tests that will test your knowledge from time to time.

CBSE class 12 Chapter-wise Weightage

Before preparing for the different subjects, you must keep in mind how much weigthtage each chapter holds. You can then prepare accordingly:

CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme & Weightage Distribution: Chemistry

Unit Area of Learning Weightage
1 Solid State 4
2 Solutions 5
3 Electrochemistry 5
4 Chemical Kinetic 5
5 Surface Chemistry 4
6 General Principal and Processes of Isolation of Elements 3
7 p-Block Element 8
8 d-and f- Block Element 5
9 Coordination Compound 3
10 Haloalkanes & Haloarenes 4
11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 4
12 Aldehydes,Ketones & Carboxylic acids 6
13 Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 4
14 Biomolecules 4
15 Polymers 3
16 Chemistry in Everyday Life 3

CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme & Weightage Distribution: Physics

Unit Area of Learning Marks
1 Electrostatics 8
2 Current Electricity 7
3 Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism 8
4 Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating 8
5 Electromagnetic Waves 3
6 Optics 14
7 Dual Nature of Matter 4
8 Atoms and Nuclei 6
9 Electronic Devices 7
10 Communication Systems 5

CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme & Weightage Distribution: Biology

Unit Area of Learning Marks
1 Reproduction 14
2 Genetics and evolution 18
3 Biology and Human Welfare 14
4 Biotechnology and its applications 10
5 Ecology and environment

CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme & Weightage Distribution: Maths

Unit Area Of Learning Marks
1 Relations & Functions 10
2 Algebra 13
3 Calculus 44
4 Vector & Three Dimentional Geometry 17
5 Linear Programming 6
6 Probability 10

CBSE Class 12 Reference Books

Apart from the prescribed CBSE books of NCERT, you must also refer to other books to prepare for entrance examinations. Here is a list for your reference:

Subject Books
Physics o    Concepts of Physics (Volume – 1) 1st Edition (Paperback) by H C Verma

o    New Simplified Physics: A Reference Book for Class – 12 (Set of 2 Volumes) (Paperback) by Dhanpat Rai (2014)

o    CBSE Chapter wise Solutions – Physics (Class 12) 3rd Edition (Paperback) by S. K. Singh

o    CBSE Chapter wise Solutions – Physics (Class -12) : Previous Year’s Questions 2013-2006 (Paperback) by Singh S

o    CBSE Sample Question Papers – Physics (Paperback) by Panel Of Experts

Chemistry o    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations An Introduction to the Mole Concept by Mukherjee-English-

o    CBSE Chapter wise Questions-Answers : Chemistry Previous Year’ Questions 2013 -2006 (Class -12) (Paperback) by Sharma P

o    Chemistry (Class – XII) (Part – I) 01 Edition (Paperback) by NCERT

o    Modern’s abc of Chemistry Class – 12 (Part 1 & 2) (With CD) (Paperback) by S. P. Jauhar

o    CBSE Chapterwise Solutions – Chemistry (Class 12) : A Collection of Fully Solved Questions Asked from 2014 – 2008 Examination Arranged 3rd Edition (Paperback) by Purnima Sharma

o    Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th Edition (Paperback) by J . D. Lee

o    Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry Class-XII (Set Of 2 Vols) (Paperback) byPradeep Publications (2014) by Ncert

Mathematics o    CBSE Chapter wise Solutions – Mathematics (Class 12) 3rd Edition (Paperback)by Hemant Malhotra

o    Mathematics For Class XII (Part -I) 1st Edition (Paperback) by NCERT

o    Mathematics (Class – XII) (Part – II) 01 Edition 01 Edition (Paperback)

o    Solutions Of Objective Mathematics: Solutions Of Exercises And Chapter Tests (Paperback) by Dhanpat Rai & Co (2013)

o    Problems Plus In IIT Mathematics (Paperback) by A Das Gupta

o    CBSE Examination 2014 Mathematics : 15 Sample Question Papers (Class 12) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Prem Kumar

o    CBSE Chapterwise Solutions Mathematics XII PB (Paperback) by Malhotra H

o    Senior Secondary School Math 12 (Paperback) by R. S. Aggarwal

Biology o    Elementary Biology (Volume – 2) (Paperback) by Bhatia K N

o    Trueman’s Elementary Biology, Vol.I for XI 01 Edition (Paperback) by Bhatia K N

English o    Intermediate English Grammar 2/ed by Murphy Raymond-English-Cambridge University Press India Pvt Ltd-Paperback_Edition-2nd 2nd Edition (Paperback) byMurphy

o    CBSE – The Invisible Man (Class 12) 1st Edition (Paperback) by H. G. Wells

o    CBSE Chapterwise Solutions – English Core (Class 12) 3rd Edition (Paperback)

CBSE Class 12 Papers

Previous years’ question papers are very helpful for revising and preparing for the upcoming examination. They also enable students to manage their time in a better way during the exams and become familiar with the type of questions that get asked in the examination. Past papers are also helpful in testing your knowledge and understanding about the upcoming examination.

You can find all of the previous years’ papers and study material for CBSE Class 12 over here.

Exam Preparation Tips

  • Planning your studies well: Many students appear for the medical entrance exams or engineering entrance exams along with doing the Class XII studies. So, it is important for them to find topics that are common in their CBSE syllabus and entrance exam syllabus. When you choose a topic that is present in both syllabuses, ensure that you practice questions on it from Class 12th question papers as well as previous year papers of the entrance exam.
  • Study ‘difficult’ topics or subjects carefully: There will be moments when you will feel de-motivated, so during such times, study easier topics. But when you feel better and your confidence level is high, pick up topics and subjects you find difficult and prove the power of your mind. Attempt at least 5-10 numericals of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics every day to increase the speed.
  • Important questions are mentioned in your books: Keep in mind that most of the questions in CBSE boards are as per the NCERT books. So, study them carefully.

Overall Timetable and Important Dates for 2018

Exam  Start Date March 2018 (Will update the exact date soon)
Exam Last Date April 2018 (Will update the exact date soon)
Result Announcement Date May/June 2018 (Will update the exact date soon)

So, this was the CBSE class 12 syllabus for physics, chemistry, maths and biology. Remember that you need to begin by making a list of all the important topics and formulae for quick reference and revision.

Also, if you do have any doubts, any queries about the syllabus and its content, get it cleared as soon as possible from your teacher, or some doubt-discussion platform. Hesitating to ask your doubt will only pile up your problems of confusion, and end up in loss of confidence.

To make the process simpler for you, visit here for CBSE Class 10 Syllabus.

For more information on CBSE, visit here.

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