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CBSE School Wise Results:

Just reading the title is probably enough to form a steady row of sweat on your upper lips. If you have the mental strength to keep reading for the CBSE School Wise Results, fear no more, we have all the information you’ll need to gear up for the upcoming 2018 CBSE results.

Between March 5th and April 4th of 2018, hundreds of students will have sat for their respective CBSE exams. Once this great accomplishment is out of the way, Class X results from these exams are scheduled to be announced in June 2018. The date on which the exam results will be released will vary according to your region of testing. As you wait with baited breath for your results, read up on how you can best prepare for these results, with the information you need to know.

How to Check for 2018 CBSE School Wise Results

All results will be presented on, which is the official website that the Central Board uses to relay school wise exam results, in June of this year. Candidates will be able to receive their Class X results by clicking on the link above, and entering the relevant information when prompted. To receive results, you will need to have with you the following pieces of information:

  • Roll Number
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • School Number (as given on the admit card)

Once you have inserted this information, click ‘Submit’, leading you to the results, which can then be read and downloaded.

Image Credits: CBSE

The portal on which you enter your information should resemble the above image. Ensure that the website you are using is correct (we have linked it above for your convenience), so that your information is not compromised in any way. The CBSE website will have a seal on the top left corner and be designed and developed by the National Informatics Center (NIC).

Can I Check Via SMS?

Yes, you absolutely can check for your results using SMS. Candidates will need to send an SMS in a specified format to the number to be released by the Central Board.

Downloading Mark Sheet

This may come as news to some candidates, but the Central Board of Secondary Education has made available the mark sheets from exams, through DigiLocker. These mark sheets may be availed at To receive these documents, candidates will need to sign up through this website, submit mobile numbers and details of an identification card. An SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number with the DigiLocker account information, which the candidate can then use to access mark sheets. It is not necessary to download these mark sheets on the very day they are released, as these mark sheets will be accessible later as well.

Some Statistics

YEAR 2016 2017
Registered ~1491293 (33.8%) ~1668427 (34.2%)
Appeared ~1489021 (33.7%) ~1660123 (34.1%)
Passed ~1431861 (32.5%) ~1544869 (31.7%)

Though it is hard to predict the results of any one candidate based on the existing data, this should give you an idea of the turnout for the prior two years and the pass rate for each year, respectively. Do not use this statistic to panic, but rather try to understand the distribution of passing scores across two years as a source of encouragement.

Below is another chart describing the Grade Point Average Distribution, in tandem with the type of institution:

Cumulative Grade Point Average/Type of Institution wise Distribution (Class X) 2017
CGPA Govt Aided Govt Independent JNV KVS CTSA Total
10.0 295 1574 185436 3928 14897 8 206138
9.8 159 686 50788 1939 3380 3 56955
9.6 139 794 51780 2031 3663 9 58416
9.4 171 1010 60653 2246 3638 10 67728
9.2 250 1134 56564 2340 3766 7 64061
9.0 259 1602 56443 2467 3779 19 64569

Independent schools seem to have the largest distribution of high CGPAs, though this does not at all mean that students from government-aided schools or government schools cannot do well.

Cumulative Grade Point Average/Type of Board/School Based (Class X) 2017
10.0 115185 90953
9.8 37725 19230
9.6 36447 21970
9.4 37272 30457
9.2 38273 25788
9.0 39249 25320

While the stress of exams and the anxiety for results after may cause you to feel like you’ve just eaten some bad street food, there are still some benefits that stem from knowing your results. Here are a few things to keep in mind when obtaining and scrutinizing results:

  • The results can indicate the academic strengths of students, helping decide the stream to take during higher secondary
  • CBSE Class X examination uses the marks that students garner to evaluate the performance
  • Students are eligible to receive mark sheets and qualifying certificate after the results are announced
  • Using CGPA, CBSE declares the Class X Merit List and Toppers’ Marks
  • Students cannot apply for the marks to be re-checked or re-evaluated although they can appear for Compartment/Supplementary Exams

And remember, though these exam results seem like the end of the world, in the bigger scheme of things, it is not! So instead of panicking about how best to access your results, use this information to gain easy access to the CBSE School Wise Results for 2018.

May the Force be with you!

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