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Success Mantras for Boards By CBSE Toppers:

Board examinations are the first, very crucial examinations in a student’s life. It is imperative to strategize and plan your preparation path if you dream to become a CBSE topper. What distinguishes toppers from others is the way they work their way to score high marks. Here is a list of tips and tricks by CBSE toppers themselves, to help you discover the secrets of their success. Behold and be enlightened!

  • Quality matters not quantity– CBSE 2017 AIR 1 Raksha Gopal points out that one should focus on the quality of the subject matter he/she is learning rather than trying to cram up too much in one go. She suggested that students should try to set small, practical targets and achieve them with full concentration in order to succeed in engraving the matter in their minds. Qualitative studying helps students comprehend the matter in a more superior manner leading to a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Solve Sample papers– 2nd rank holder, Bhumi Sawant, emphasizes on solving as many sample papers as possible. She had solved a number of practice papers before her exams to get accustomed to the paper pattern and boost her confidence. Solving practice papers not only help you identify your weak areas but also helps in the revision of the entire subject matter. This, in turn, leads to a polished knowledge of the topics.
  • Don’t try to study for long hours– Topper Aditya Jain pointed out that studying for 10-12 hours a day can get you stressed up. He instead advised that students should study for a shorter span of time but with full dedication. Aditya used to study for 4-5 hours a day besides his school hours. Students who are not in a habit of studying for long hours can take short breaks while studying and can easily score well. Studying for shorter durations also helps in maintaining the attention span of the student such that they do not get distracted easily. Also, while studying, students should ensure that they study in isolation. Aditya’s mantra was never to allow even his parents or siblings to enter his room while he was studying.
  • Solve previous year Board exam Question papers– Topper Soumya Patel recommended that aspirants should solve at least past 10 years question papers of the Board exams so as to get insight into the concepts which are frequently tested. This would help them dedicate more time to the popularly asked topics. If students are lucky, they might get the same topics in their actual test paper. Therefore, apart from the Sample papers, it is advised that previous year question papers should definitely be solved.
  • Follow a timetable– A very important component of Board exam preparation is formulating and following a proper timetable. Toppers advocate that students should strategize and prepare a study-plan according to which they should go about their preparation. A timetable helps in optimum utilization of the available time in hand. It gives you clarity and increases your productivity exponentially. By pre-planning what to do, one can avoid the last minute rush and skip of topics due to insufficient time in hand.
  • Revise, Revise and Revise!– Almost all toppers lay special emphasis on revision. Revising the syllabus helps in improving retention and increasing the memory span. In the last few months, it is more important to revise the covered syllabus than preparing something new. In fact, important topics should be revised carefully at the end of each week in order to get a grip on them. An efficient revision also helps in bolstering the confidence level.
  • Avoid social media indulgence– The top three CBSE toppers revealed that they made a conscious effort to stay away from the social media platforms in order to save precious time and avoid unnecessary distraction. Toppers Bhumi and Aditya used their mother’s cell phones to acquire any information on social media and were not given any personal cell phones by their parents. Staying away from these platforms help one prevent wastage of time and invest it in their preparation for exams.
  • Be positive and relax– Last but not the least, you should be positive and have faith in your preparation. CBSE Topper Mannat Luthara (AIR 3) said that one should never be deterred by failure. Your willpower and optimism will take you to the road of success. Students should focus on staying calm and composed while putting their best foot forward. Being regular in studies does not mean giving up on relaxation. This will help you avoid unnecessary tension and anxiety. Topper Bhumi Sawant would listen to music or go for a walk to refresh herself, during her breaks between studies.

These were some success mantras from CBSE toppers. Hope this article helps you in acing your exams and you pass with flying colors. Toppr Bytes wishes you good luck!

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