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Celebrities Who Could Crack JEE!

Now we are all fans of fiction and have all thought of hypothetical situations that may tickle our fancy. We at decided to humour you by presenting this JEE-esque version, where we picked our own brains to think of which celebrities or personalities could have aced the examination we are all hoping to ace. So drop the Friedel-Craft reaction for now and read on to see just where our imagination can take us!

CAUTION: This article is affected by human bias. Once you clear the JEE, ponder over this in your spare time. Message us, and we can then carry on this debate for eternity.

So without any further ado *drum roll* we present our list of celebrities who could crack JEE!


At the top of our list is the woman who is changing the definition of  what women can achieve in today’s world. Being ranked as one of the most influential women by Time, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Week, with a net worth over 1 billion dollars, it’s little wonder why she makes it to this list.  As the COO of Facebook – one of the most visited sites in the world, Sheryl has leaned in time and again to reach the top. A fierce negotiator and strategist, yet being able to perceive the sensitivities of family, women and gender issues, we’re sure Sheryl has more than the required smarts and patience to ace the JEE, and probably tutor some others in her spare time to ace it with her!


ross brawn

This name will be familiar to hardcore F1 enthusiasts. Remember the unstoppable team of Schumacher and Barrichello a decade ago? Brawn was the technical director of the Ferrari team back then.  He started out as a humble mechanical apprentice and then went on to become one of the world’s foremost motorsport engineers. A man capable of such technical precision with an eye for detail and design, would surely possess the technical skills required to crack the JEE. Building a Formula One car would require some hardcore strategy, patience and motivation, much like the long-term task that JEE preparation is; and so, we confidently proclaim him to be one of the celebrities who could crack JEE!


vishwanathan anand

Most people associate chess with complex analysis and from there to mathematics and then engineering. However, India’s most celebrated chess champion and former Grandmaster is surprisingly, a commerce graduate (it’s important to break the stereotypes associated with highly intelligent, and high functioning adults being only from the science background). We’re very sure that with all the competitors he annihilated in those long gruelling chess matches, acing the JEE, will be a piece of cake. This man’s ability to pull off excessively long hours during matches and foresee enemy attacks will have tuned his mind to clear even the toughest examinations.



We’re sure with this year’s IPL proving to be the odd black spot on this man’s otherwise shining career, people may raise eyebrows at this pick. Dhoni is hardworking, fit and has a strategically sound mind which helps him think on his feet and make split-second decisions – good decisions! All these are key skills necessary for any person to clear the JEE. Not to forget, our man manages to stay calm under pressure, which is what students should possess when giving their exams because more often than not, the victor is the one who holds his own till the very end. Captain Cool is definitely one of the celebrities who could crack JEE!


jose mourinho

Now, we all love our football. We also love people who exude confidence and purpose, secretly hoping that we could pull it off to. Jose Mourinho embodies, projects and magnifies all the qualities of a top-notch whiz. A sharp thinker, master planner and a person who can manage his resources and use it effectively against his opposition, Mourinho is a sure-shot for a top rank if he applied himself to the task. He is a man destined to succeed and coupled with his one-of-a-kind skill set, Jose Mourinho is our final and emphatic pick.

Do you agree with our picks? We hope you’ve paid attention to all the subtle and obvious hints from this list. Understanding them is the recipe for the ideal state of mind, which goes a long way in not just in clearing the JEE but also life in general. We also have an article on Successful entrepreneurs who started early in life check it out here.

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