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Taking a drop year is a very hard decision unto itself; the reasons can be varied and the consequences even more. Now that the JEE Mains 2016 and JEE Advanced 2016 results are out, you must be contemplating the step ahead. If your results have been great and satisfactory, all’s well and good. But for those who haven’t performed at par with their expectations, are in a dilemma.
The most obvious step is to take another shot; to take a drop year and prepare again. Despite being the most obvious, this is a challenging and tricky path. Before deciding whether to go for it, you must focus on the reason(s) and that will help you to gain a clear perspective. It might be that you cleared the exams but did not secure a rank of your choice or that you could not clear the cut-offs. Focus on what went wrong and what can be rectified, and whether you are willing to commit one more year for it. Believe in the age old saying “Failure is the pillar of success”.
Taking a drop year is not a piece of cake. You will face tremendous pressure to perform better the next time. Much of it is due to self expectations as well as the aspirations of those around you. You will also regret not putting in more effort for the past two years. Do not succumb to the pressure; instead let it motivate you to prepare well.
Ultimately, the deciding factor will be whether you keep regretting and let it hamper your studies or you decide to take a lesson from it and prepare with a renewed vigour.
It is a fact that there will be times when you will feel like giving up because the task is too uphill. You might feel frustrated and helpless. But the only way to overcome it is by standing your ground. You will have to always keep your goal in focus and that will motivate you to keep going on.
You should talk to someone if you feel low; someone who is experienced in this matter and someone who can guide you. After all, a blind leading a blind leads to nowhere. Make sure that you receive a positive feedback to boost your morale. Surround yourself with people who are hard-working and who have a positive approach to this challenging time.
At this time, you will also see your friends and batch mates clearing the entrance exams and securing their desired ranks, and it will be heart-breaking, regardless of how happy you are for them. When you meet them over their holidays, as much as u would like to hear their stories about college, you will also feel a tinge of envy and guilt. So, if all this distracts you, then it might be better to put on hold meetings and get-togethers for the next one year.
You will also be juggling with the vast syllabus. Always keep in mind that you now have to study a course spread over two years, in less than one year. Do not despair on seeing the vastness of it. Come to terms with it; accept that you need to do it for creating a better future for yourself.
Moreover, have a back-up plan. This is just to ensure that there is another way if things go wrong. Expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. You should not doubt your abilities or your potential but as the saying goes; “Hope for the best but be prepared for the rest”. It most certainly does not mean that you should not give your best to your preparations because there is something to fall back on.
Taking a drop year is like getting a second chance. You should make it count. At times, the pressure and boredom can be too much to handle, but know this that ‘this too shall pass’.

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