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Chocolate is the benchmark of a happy childhood. You can’t help but have memories with that decadent dessert. It’s been with you through classes, exam stress and even recess. Most of your happy memories are associated with chocolate. Don’t think so?

Think again…

1. The day you felt like the most popular kid in school, because you bought some chocolate in your tiffin.

2. Your friends fought to accompany you when you distributed sweets to the whole school on your birthday!

3. When you studied diligently, knowing that you were going to reward yourself with chocolate after every two hours of honest studying.

4. Once your exams were done, you’d binge on chocolate to celebrate a good paper or even mourn a bad one.

5. The first time you shared your secrets with your best friend along with a bar of chocolate.

6. You’d quickly take out the chocolate from your pocket while assembly was on and pop it before anyone could spot you.

7. Even when you got only Rs.10 as pocket money, you’d spend all of it on chocolate. With zero regrets.

Happy World Chocolate Day! It’s time to revoke the caramel nostalgia.

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