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It is no secret that the competitive exam landscape is changing pretty fast. With the infiltration of the internet into our lives, there are more resources and study guides online than ever. The internet phenomenon saw the rise of many popular online coaching institutions such as toppr.

So which route do you take? Do you stick to the old ways or do you keep up with the times?

Let’s look at the traditional offline coaching. The classroom experience is one that has been praised for generations and is a system that has been virtually unchanged for decades. The classroom provides a setting not only for a face to face interaction with students but also for intermingling between fellow students. Offline coaching provides the means for exchanging sudden sparks of genius and clarification of doubts with peers. This interaction is one of the main reasons for the triumph of the offline method for so many years. You do tend to learn a lot more about how to approach problems from different perspectives and also have a good idea of where you stand with respect to the rest of the competition. That being said, offline centres are usually motivated by money and strive to promote only those few people who do well by segregating people into batches on the basis of marks. Naturally, the better performing kids get better attention and the rift between the slow and fast learners.

Online coaching is the vision of education tailored for the 21st century. The offline method definitely has a lot of flaws, which are resolved by the online coaching centres. The online way offers way more flexibility. Learning is self-paced for the most part and the content you access and learn from depends on how you choose to use your mouse and not your past performances or other irrelevant things. You also get to study from the comfort of your home without having to travel all the way everyday or living in a filthy hostel.

Online coaching is also way cheaper than offline institutions. The material and practice tests are regularly updated and have a large community to ensure authenticity and that doubts are clarified.

Some online coaching centres also offer real time doubt clarification sessions and also have a rank based evaluation system so you know how well/badly you’ve done.

In short, although the offline regime offers the freedom of peer to peer interaction, it is nothing compared to the sheer flexibility and economic benefits offered by online coaching.

Online education, in India at least, has become burdened with certain myths surrounding it. However, there’s something inherently special, something uniquely compelling about it. Read about it here!

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