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Quick question: When was the last time you gave a personality test—and took the results seriously? Isn’t it convenient to think that these tests are sort of like horoscopes in the back of magazines (really vague compliments that could fit into anyone’s life)? But, if you ask me, (I took a million aptitude tests as a clueless kid) the results could make a huge difference in your career – or rather, in you choosing a career.

Aren’t we all curious, in a way, and ask ourselves “Who Am I Really Inside? Am I an introvert or an extrovert? A thinker or a feeler?” All these things make up your personality type – and have a enormous effect on what career path is right for you.

When you look for a career path, you probably take the salary, location and chance for advancement into consideration. Most people don’t stop to consider that they should be choosing a profession based on the type of person they are. You are going to spend a large part of your life at work—you should choose something that is compatible with which personality you really are.

Here are some basic personality types and careers that go with them. It’s gonna be fun. Read on.

Realistic Personality

If you are a realistic personality, then you are hands-on, practical and straightforward. No beating around the bush for you! A realistic personality type can deal well with the physical world, which often means they are very independent, practical-minded, strong, aggressive and conservative. These people like to work with animals, tools, or machines and generally avoids social activities like teaching, counselling, nursing, and informing others.

• Civil Engineers
• Surveyors
• Computer Support Specialists
• Electrician
• Orthodontist

Investigative Personality

You question any idea that doesn’t have cold, hard facts behind it. You spend time gathering information before you take action, or make a decision. You, investigators, are scientific, intellectual and analytical. These individuals live in their mind and prefer to deal with the real world from a distance. They like to read, study, use books and other data instead of working hands-on. They are unconventional and independent thinkers, who are curious and very insightful.
• Computer Software Engineer and Developers
• Anaesthesiologists
• Doctors (Family and General Practitioners)
• Professor
• Librarian
• Veterinarian

Artistic Personality

Artistic personality types use their hands and mind to create new things. They appreciate beauty, unstructured activities and variety. They enjoy interesting and unusual people, sights, textures and sounds. These individuals prefer to use their creativity and imagination. They bring another way of looking at something.
• Multi-Media Artists
• Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
• Architects
• Editor
• Graphic Designer
• Director
• Producer

Social Personality

Individuals who are a social personality type are dedicated leaders, humanistic, responsible and supportive. They use feelings, words and ideas to work with people rather than the physical activity to do things. They enjoy the closeness, sharing, groups, unstructured activity and being in charge. They are patient, empathic and generous.
• Registered Nurses
• Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary
• Physical Therapists
• Psychologist
• Mediator
• Social Worker

Enterprising Personality

Big picture people and born leaders! These extroverts like to work with people, influence, persuade, lead or manage for organizational goals or economic gain. An enterprising personality type is often a leader who is talented at organizing and taking the responsibility. They enjoy money, power, status and being in charge.
• Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents
• Financial Managers
• Computer and Information Systems Managers
• Sales Manager
• Sales Representative
• CEOs

Conventional Personality

A conventional personality type likes to work with data and numbers, carry out tasks in detail and follow through on the instructions of others. They are quiet, careful, responsible, well organized and task oriented. These individuals use their mind, eyes and hands to carry out tasks. These are the detail keepers. Without the conventional personalities, nothing would get done in the world. They are orderly, careful and efficient.
• Accountants and Auditors
• Financial Analysts
• Cost Estimators
• Actuary
• Technical Writer
• Building Inspector

Research shows that choosing a career path that fits your personality type is the real money- and happiness-maker. However, while your specific skills may be dominant while choosing a career, the dream path is not too elusive because you can acquire new skills any time in life.

Choosing a career is one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make after 10th standard. Here‘s a guide to help you make the most of the opportunity.

Best of luck!

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