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Confused While Choosing A College?

Its that time of the year when many of you are appearing for entrance exams and probably deciding about the next institution you need to enroll yourself in order to achieve specific education that you’ve wished for. Choosing a college is one of the biggest business decisions of your life. You go to a college to learn useful skills and get a degree and both of these bring multiple opportunities for you in future.

You trade not only lots of your money, but 4 years of your time too.

Your career will consume upwards of 40 hours per week once you start working. Most of the times we think a high ranked college is better than one with a lower rank. Keep in mind, deciding upon an educational institute that brings about development in you, builds your personality and makes you open minded amongst other things shouldn’t be solely based on some perception that you previously have.

In a country like India, these decisions are generally taken by our parents or other people who surprisingly have insufficient knowledge. Taking advice from people and learning about their viewpoint is good. But letting them decide about your life might not be a smart thing to do. You should talk to people that have been in your situation and have weighed their pros and cons to take this all important decision.

More often than not parents expect way too much from their children and pressurize them. Trying to make their kids edge ahead in this ever famous rat race has become their motto in life.

Coming to the point, deciding a college is not as tough as deciding a major. More often than not, you have options amongst different tiers or different leagues of colleges to be more accurate.

If you are one of those students who is targeting the IITs, make sure you really are cut out for them. Or make sure you are desperate enough to work hard to reach there.

Apart from the IITs, there are various NITs that a student can enroll into provided he gives the appropriate exams and does well. Check out how some NITs are better than IITs here.

Keep in mind, one should not make rankings the sole basis of determining which college is better than others. Sometimes, a particular institution might be average in comparison to some other institute but the course you prefer might be better in it. Hence, make your choice taking into consideration the Department reputation rather than that of the University alone. There might be times you’ll need to take a decision based on the location. As students, some of you would have to stay away from your families. At times, this is unnecessary and should be avoided.

Finally, take into consideration whether it’s a government college or a private one. Government run institutions are cheaper and less of a burden on your pocket. Some of the top institutions in the country are funded by the government and their annual fees range from Rs. 30,000-60,000. That, relatively is lower than many of their counterparts.

Hence do not jump to conclusions based on partial knowledge or faulty perceptions. You cloudy judgement could potentially change the entire course of your career. Be wise and take the correct call. It after all is just another investment to reap bigger and better rewards later in life.

We hope this clarified your doubts about choosing a college. Next comes the question of selecting your major. Find out how you can select a major without knowing much about it here.

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