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How Do You Make a Choice Between Those Exam Dates?

At a point of time when our academic journey moves forward to a new stage and we have to decide our paths, we are faced with numerous exams which act as gateways to different institutes of higher learning. Some of these exams can be attempted online and have flexible dates chosen for our convenience. The choice of exam dates has to be done wisely taking into account different factors and should help us to do our best without having to face any inconvenience. In order to make your planning easier, here is a guide that you can adopt to make a convenient calendar in the busy exam period.

Step 1: Make a list of all the examinations you wish to attempt, along with their dates

Step 2: Clearly note down if it is an offline or an online exam, and if the dates are flexible

Step 3:  Use any calendar (paper or phone app) to mark the examinations that have fixed dates, before considering examinations that have flexible dates. For example, The JEE Advanced 2017 examination is scheduled to be held on Sunday, May 21st 2017.

Step 4: Consider and jot down the factors that can help you choose an exam date:

  • Exam timing – Choose the time slot that is in tandem with when you feel energized the most.
  • Exam slot availability – Check whether you can book a slot for the desired date and time.
  • Exam center location – Choose a convenient center, keeping travel in mind.
  • Transportation ( If you will have to depend on someone else to go to your exam location)
  • Time for preparation – Ensure you have adequate time to revise and prepare for the chosen examination
  • Proximity with other examinations – Leave sufficient gaps between other examinations to ensure that you can give yourself small breaks in between examinations.
  • Stress level – Do not schedule back to back examinations for yourself as this can be stressful and tiring.
  • Exam priority – Allot more days earmarked for revision for exams which are higher on your priority list.
  • Clashes – Check if the chosen date is a public holiday as this can affect transportation

Step 5: Double check the dates and the slots chosen to ensure that there are no clashes

Step 6: Make a copy for reference for yourself and for your family, to ensure that all arrangements are made in advance for your convenience.

The above steps can be followed to make an effective plan for your exam dates so that you can do your very best and succeed in gaining admission to a college of your choice, reach new heights, and further your academic journey.

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