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Coaching institutes do play an important role in shaping the career of the students preparing for any competitive entrance examination, and particularly for the JEE. There is a huge difference between the student studying only from the school alone, and the student who is also enrolled in a coaching center. School is indeed the first place where a student start learning. However, many students study at the same time in the schools and the completion level among them is also very less. Also, the students get their respective percentage of marks according to their personal capabilities. But in the case of competitive entrance examinations, there is always relative marking in play and the ranks are allotted accordingly.

Benefits of Coaching for JEE

Whenever the students think of JEE, they like to prefer the place where they not only get better education, but which can also provide them the required competitive environment. And thus the coaching institutes find their relevance among the student mass. Additionally, the students might also get individual attention of the subject experts.

There are several old yet good coaching institutes, which have been running for many years while producing some great results. They indeed can be very beneficial for the students in the preparation of JEE by virtue of having better experts in them, which can provide relevant guidelines to the students. Experts in the coaching industry very well know the syllabus of JEE, and hence they can appropriately guide the students as in what to or what not to study which can save much of their time and efforts. Experts also take extra care of the students and help them in solving complicated problem in an easy manner within a given time limit. Saving time during the preparation for JEE is very important as the JEE syllabus is huge. Additionally, many different types of test and discussion classes are held in these coaching centers which can keep the preparation of students on a higher and required level. The competition in JEE is very high, so the students need a strong preparation not only to qualify this examination, but to also get a better ranking in the overall merit list.

Beware of Fake Coachings!

Its a fact that the coaching industry is currently booming in India, and has became a multibillion (approximately $40 billion in 2016) industry now. It has now became a rat race where everyone wants to outshine others. Coaching institutes are trying really hard to ‘buy’ ranks, and the interested students are also getting handsome returns, through monetary compensations or by favors, by selling their JEE ranks. Unfortunately, sometimes even the schools play the role of the intermediary between the two parties, by providing student details to these coaching institutes. Every year after the results of JEE are announced, the coaching institutes display and highlight their successful students. Some among these vouch for hundred successful students from their coaching, while some even proclaim thousand or more successful students. And the funny thing is, if you calculate the sum total of these quoted numbers, it might surpass the even the total number of official candidates who cleared the JEE!

I am not saying that every coaching institute does this practice of buying out the JEE ranks. There indeed are some very good coaching institutes in the country which still believe in the ethics and honest transparency in their workings and promotions. And they do produce well prepared students who successfully qualify the JEE every year. But then there are also the other type of coaching institutes who try to fool the innocent students and their parents by portraying falsified information. So as a student or parent, you just need to remain alert and should verify everything about the coaching institute in detail before putting your hard earned money in the hands of those who are going to play a significant role in your own success, or in the success of your child.

Choosing the Correct Coaching Institute

A common advice for the parents and students is that whenever you see the result of a coaching institute in any type of advertisement, doesn’t trust and believe it blindly. Sometimes, its a trick to lure the students and their parents for making them seek admission into that coaching institute. It’s also possible that the results or testimonials are bought ones. And in that case, even the verification can’t tell you the real truth of that coaching institute.

In view of the points above, there are some ways to identify the fake results and testimonials of coaching institute, as mentioned follows:

  1. Discard it straightway if there is no detail of the student depicted, like grade and school.
  2. If any contact details are given, reach out to the student and his/her parents. Try to meet them and verify whether the student has really attended that coaching or not.
  3. Check out if the school of the student is also mentioned in the result. If yes, then go to the school and verify the existence of student. And if it exists, meet the student personally and ask him about the truth and his experience.

We hope that this information will help you immensely for choosing the correct coaching institute. You can also read about our take on whether or not coaching classes will survive the test of time here.

All the very best!

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