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Class 10 English NCERT Solutions

The class 10 English ncert book covers a various range of articles, stories and poems, all with interesting plots and a lesson worth being learned. All of these stories have a vivid description of characters, places and the situation which helps one to visualise the scene according to the series of events that happen.

All the chapters of Class 10 English ncert have been provided here with a brief summary and a link to the solutions of the questions in the book.

Two Gentlemen Of Verona

In this story, A.J. Cronin carved the idea of selfless help and importance of dedication towards relationships. The story revolves around two young boys Nicola and Jacopo who perform all possible jobs to gather money to pay for their sister’s treatment who suffered from tuberculosis of the spine. The narrator’s constant encounter with them gives him the idea of the unshaken spirit they had despite all odds they had to face at such a tender age.

Mrs Packletide’s Tiger

The story revolves around the protagonist character Mrs Packletide who had a powerful urge to shoot a tiger. This was because she was stricken with the envy when her companion, Loona Bimberton, had as of late been conveyed in a plane by an Algerian pilot. Her definitive craving was to acquire a tiger skin so as to show it up in the press. To achieve this, several arrangements were done. Villagers were posted day and night to bring an old tiger back to the town as shooting an old tiger was easier. On the day of the shoot, she was accompanied by Miss Mebbin and the bullet was fired. But the bullet hit the goat and the tiger passed away because of heart assault, brought on by the noisy report of the rifle. Mrs Packletide’s photo showed up in two weeklies but she was coerced by Miss Mebbin because she knew that the bullet had actually hit the goat and she had to pay for her new house.

The Letter

The story revolves around an old man Ali who lived all alone after his daughter Miriam got married and shifted to Punjab. He always waited for a letter from her daughter of her well being. He used to visit the post office everyday in the hope of receiving the letter. He was made fun of by the postmaster and the clerks. For several days, he did not visit the post office due to his ill health. At last, he did come and gave 5 gold coins to the clerk to deliver the letter to his grave. One day the postmaster’s daughter fell ill and while searching for a letter from her, he found a letter addressed as Coachman Ali. That evening both the postmaster and the clerk went to Ali’s grave to deliver the letter.

Shady Plot

The story is about a writer who writes ghost stories. He is assisted by a ghost named Helen who is a member of the Writer’s Inspiration Bureau and helps those writers who do not have ideas for writing stories. The writer’s wife Lavina brings home Ouija boards and the ghost hates the use of them. So she decides to disturb the game at the Ouija board party and the game does not reach its conclusion. Lavina assumes that her husband is having an affair with a woman named Helen and so she threatens to leave him. Their cook also decides to quit the job as she was afraid of the ghosts. After all these incidents, Lavina decides to throw the Ouija boards and Helen helps the writer in writing his stories.

Patol Babu Film Star

Patol Babu is a short, bald-headed, middle-aged man who lived in Calcutta and lost his nine-year-old job due to war. He tried many jobs and businesses but could not succeed. One day he was offered the role of a pedestrian and he accepted it. The day he reaches the venue, he was very nervous. He asked for his dialogues and it was just a word OH. This made him sad. Sitting dejected, he remembered the words of his mentor who advised him that no work is small and to put in his maximum effort to perform it to his utmost capability. He rehearsed his dialogue and gave his best performance. He was so satisfied with his performance that he felt that taking money would undermine his efforts and so, left the place without taking money.

Virtually True

This story revolves around a boy named Michael who was crazy for computer games. On a trip to a computer fair, he purchases many computer games and accessories. In all the games he plays, his companion gets killed and sends a message to his printer to rescue him. Initially, he considers it to be a part of the games. Later, after reading the article Miracle Recovery, he realises that the boy in the news resembles the guy stuck in his game. This news reveals that a boy named Sebastian had met with an accident while playing the psycho drive game and his memory got trapped in computer’s memory. Michael rescues the guy and his memory is retrieved.

The Frog and the Nightingale

It is a poem describing the Bingle Bog, a forest where a frog used to sing in his harsh voice under a sumac tree in his unpleasant voice. All sorts of requests, sticks, stones, insults could not stop him. One night, a nightingale sang sitting on the same tree. It was praised a lot by each creature and this made the frog jealous. The frog introduced itself as the owner of that tree and made the nightingale practice for long hours. It also organised concerts and charge fees. Prolonged practices eventually made the bird lose its melody and also made her weak. Eventually, the crowd started to decrease and one day the bird took a deep breath to sing loudly and died and once again frog became the unopposed singer of the bog.


The mirror is a poem in which the poet has personified mirror. It is silver in colour, accurate and truthful and is unbiased like God’s eyes. A woman looks into the mirror to ascertain her beauty. But the woman has grown old and her past image of a pretty girl does not exist anymore. The woman is disappointed to see her image in the mirror. The mirror gets the woman’s tears and hatred in return for being true. The wall is a constant companion of the mirror separated by faces and darkness. The mirror is compared to a lake as both of them have depth.

Not Marbles nor the Gilded Monuments

It is the 55th sonnet written by Wiliam Shakespeare. It brings to light the limitations of worldly glory and grandeur. All the great monuments, memorials and statues erected by the rich and the powerful are subjected to decay, destruction and deterioration. The tide of time and the agents of destruction will destroy everything but the powerful rhyme of the poet and great poetry will survive the ravages (destruction) of time.


It is a sonnet about a statue that has been ruined with the passage of time. The poet meets a person who has visited ancient Egypt and he describes the condition of the statue of great powerful king Ozymandias which has been destroyed by the passage of time. The king had a desire to immortalise himself by erecting a statue. The present condition of the statue is just two legs mounted on a platform and the upper body was nowhere to be seen. The engraving on the platform depicted the pride and arrogance of the King. The destroyed statue is a mockery of the pride and ego of the king.

The Rime of the Ancient Rimer

In this narrative, a group of wedding guests was stopped by a sailor who starts narrating the incidence of a journey which started on a happy note but ended being a nightmare because the ship got stuck in a lifeless region with huge masses of ice. At that time, they saw an Albatross which was considered as a noble soul. With its arrival, the snow cracked and gave way to the ship which once again started sailing. A favourable south wind blew which drove the ship out of the cursed land of snow and mist. But the sailor with his crossbow shot the bird dead. Eventually, all the food stock ended and there was nothing to eat an drink. Everyone felt that the bird’s soul had followed them to take revenge and they hung the dead Albatross around his neck to signify his sin and guilt.


This poem talks about the peaceful co-existence of various creatures on this Earth and their fulfilling of duties towards each other. It is an extremely hot day and the poet goes to his water trench to quench his thirst. There he sees a snake drinking water and waits for his turn to drink water. He observes how harmlessly the creature is there just to drink water.The snake is unaware of the presence of the poet. It quenches its thirst in a natural way and withdraws into the hole in the wall. Seeing the snake going back to the hole, the poet tries to hit it but later regrets his act of killing the snake.

The Dear Departed

In this play, the author satires the disregard and the absence of moral values in the family where the children completely disregard modesty, decency, and obligation towards their family in order to grab the property of their father. Finding the father motionless, Mrs. Slater declares her father dead. She and her husband started making the preparations for the mourning and she also informs her sister and her husband, the Jordans. After the arrival of Jordans at their place, they start discussing the details of the obituary announcement in the papers, the insurance premium payment and the distribution of their father’s belongings among them. Mrs. Slater is not willing to share her father’s belongings with Mrs. Jordan. During this series of events, the grandfather is seen alive coming downstairs. Slowly, the truth of the daughters is revealed and on knowing the harsh reality, grandfather decides not to live with his daughters and also decides to change his will and give everything to  Mrs. Shorrocks whom he will marry.

Julius Caesar

It is one of the several tragic plays written by William Shakespeare based on true events from Roman history. Julius Caesar is an icon of the political life of Rome. On the commencement of the play, he is kept awake by Calpurnia’s nightmares. In her nightmare, she sees some supernatural omens that would spell disaster on Julius Caesar but he rebuffs her, refusing to give in to fear. Calpurnia convinces Caesar to stay at home but Decius Brutus forces Caesar to go to the Senate where all the senators were waiting for him. There, Caesar rejects the petition of Cimber to revoke the orders for his brother’s punishment and immediately afterwards Caesar is stabbed by the senators along with Brutus. Mark Antony is too dumbstruck to see Caesar’s dead body in a pool of blood. He requests Brutus to allow him to make a funeral speech and during the speech, he uses his excellent oratorical skills very cleverly and succeeds in inciting the mob to mutiny and wreak havoc against the conspirators.Brutus and the other senators run away to save their lives and Octavius Caesar arrives to clinch the victory for Antony and save Caesar’s honour.

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