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NEET is a national level entrance exam for entry into medical colleges all over India. Medical aspirants from all over the country prepare for this exam. Based upon the score you obtain in this exam, you can get admission in various medical courses. These may be MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, OTPT and a few others. You may click here to know the current NEET syllabus. It includes CBSE syllabus from both 11th and 12th standards. Students who prepare for this exam usually feel that the syllabus of class 12 is more important, but that is not true. Class 11 syllabus is important too. I have listed my opinion regarding importance of studying 11th standard syllabus for NEET below.

Why Class 11 Syllabus?

Did you ever wonder about what architects do to make a building strong? Most of us don’t ! The answer is that they build a strong foundation. Just the same way, you too need a strong foundation to score well. Remember, the foundation of class 12 lies in class 11. So, without understanding the basics in class 11 you won’t master the topics in class 12. Physics is a subject where you should have clarity in your concepts and quick calculations. You will achieve this if you are thorough with the 11th class syllabus.

Important Topics

Let’s go by each subject. Friction, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and few other topics learnt in 11th will help you solve numerical problems better. Also, it will help you to understand 12th standard topics in a better way.

Similarly, some parts of inorganic Chemistry like ‘s,p,d & f’ blocks, hybridisation play an important role. In Organic Chemistry, topics from class 11 syllabus such as stability, Acid & Bases, nomenclature are really helpful. They are important in order to understand the basis of reactions in Class 12. It is always better to understand the logic rather than just memorising any reaction.

Biology too has few important topics to be focused on. You should go through diversities and every chapter of Botany from class 11 syllabus.

Draw your own Picture

Get an idea of which topics are important and what type of questions are usually asked. For that, refer to previous years’ papers. Planning is an important part of studies. When you plan, you feel more confident while not missing out anything. It is thus important to go through your class 11 syllabus very thoroughly and keep your foundation strong. Another important point to note is the distribution of marks. The ratio of 12th : 11th marks is 60:40. This means that 60% marks are based on 12th syllabus whereas 40% on 11th.

So, now you know the importance of the syllabus of the 11th standard. Plan accordingly and make sure you are thorough with it! In case you need further tips on how to plan, you can ask me your queries down below in the comments.

Hope this helps.

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