Class 6 NCERT Solutions

NCERT offers a very interactive interface for a student to learn and get a good grasp of the basics. All the schools under CBSE follows NCERT’s books. Promoting ‘Standardization’, it makes it easier to discuss one’s doubts and concerns over various platforms online and offline. The syllabus is very well organized with each class teaching you something new which is just appropriate for one’s brain to understand being at that level. NCERT’s pattern never focuses on making one solve fancy problems but is more about getting the basics right. Every chapter teaches you from the very beginning of the topic and takes you into its depth. The exercise provided at the end of a chapter serves as the best summarization one can have. It helps one look at the entire chapter from a distance and concludes what they have learned and missed out.
Each NCERT chapter is followed by an exercise. Where you may get most of the answers by yourselves, provided that you went thoroughly with the reading material, some of the questions are tricky and you might get stuck at them. However, Nothing to worry here. As mentioned earlier, NCERT offers a very interactive interface. It’s much much easier to resolve a doubt when everyone has the same material.
This article consists of Class 6 NCERT Solutions. If you’re stuck on any of the chapters in any of the subject, this is the place to be. Click on the links below and it should initiate a download of PDF file. Save the PDF file to your desired location and kill the doubt that is killing you.

Maths Solutions:

Chapter 1 – Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter 2 – Whole Numbers
Chapter 3 – Playing with Numbers
Chapter 4 – Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 6 – Integers
Chapter 7 – Fractions
Chapter 8 – Decimals
Chapter 9 – Data Handling
Chapter 10 – Mensuration
Chapter 11 – Algebra
Chapter 12 – Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 13 – Symmetry
Chapter 14 – Practical Geometry

Science Solutions:

Chapter 1 – Food: Where Does It Come From?
Chapter 2 – Components of Food
Chapter 3 – Fibre to Fabric
Chapter 4 – Sorting Materials into Groups
Chapter 5 – Separation of Substances
Chapter 6 – Changes around Us
Chapter 7 – Getting to Know Plants
Chapter 8 – Body Movements
Chapter 9 – The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
Chapter 10 – Motion and Measurement of Distances
Chapter 11 – Light, Shadows and Reflections
Chapter 12 – Electricity and Circuits
Chapter 13 – Fun with Magnets
Chapter 14 – Water
Chapter 15 – Air Around Us
Chapter 16 – Garbage In, Garbage Out

English Solutions:

Chapter 1 – Who Did Patricks Homework
Chapter 2 – How the Dog Found Himself a Master
Chapter 3 – Taros Reward
Chapter 4 – An Indian American Women in Space
Chapter 5 – A Different Kind of School
Chapter 6 – Who I Am
Chapter 7 – Fairy Play
Chapter 8 – A Game of chance
Chapter 9 – Desert Animals
Chapter 10 – The Banyas tree

Hindi Solutions:

पाठ 1 – वह चिड़िया जो (कविता) केदारनाथ अग्रवाल
पाठ 2 – बचपन (संस्मरण) कृष्णा सोबती
पाठ 3 – नादान दोस्त (कहानी) प्रेमचंद
पाठ 4 – चाँद से थोड़ी सी गप्पें (कविता) शमशेर बहादुर सिंह
पाठ 5 – अक्षरों का महत्व (निबंध) गुणाकर मुले
पाठ 6 – पार नज़र के (कहानी) जयंत विष्णु नार्लीकर
पाठ 7 – साथी हाथ बढ़ाना (गीत) साहिर लुधियानवी
पाठ 8 – ऐसे-ऐसे (एकांकी) विष्णु प्रभाकर
पाठ 9 – टिकट-अलबम (कहानी) सुंदरा रामस्वामी
पाठ 10 – झांसी की रानी (कविता) सुभद्रा कुमारी चौहान
पाठ 11 – जो देखकर भी नहीं देखते (निबंध) हेलेन केलेर
पाठ 12 – संसार पुस्तक है (पत्र) जवाहरलाल नेहरू
पाठ 13 – मैं सबसे छोटी होऊँ (कविता) सुमित्रानंदन पंत
पाठ 14 – लोकगीत (निबंध) भगवतशरण उपाध्याय
पाठ 15 – नौकर (निबंध) अनु बंधोपाध्याय
पाठ 16 – वन के मार्ग में (कविता) तुलसीदास

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