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Foe every minute you spend organizing, an hour is earned. How very true! Classrooms can be very chaotic places. Teachers are often left with a mess at their hands when the school year ends. Supplies everywhere, stacks of papers strewn about. Let us look at some very effective classroom organization tips that will help all the teachers out there.

Classroom Organization Tips

Studies have shown that the physical environment and surroundings have an impact on how well students learn and grasp information. So a vibrant and organized classroom is of utmost importance. Teachers must remember that organization is a journey rather than a destination. Let us look at some important classroom organization tips that will get you on your way.

Ideas for Organizing Teacher’s Materials

Keeping all your materials and supplies is the first step in classroom organization. This will help you in finding what you need with ease without trouble. And you will know when to restock the materials so you don’t run out.

  • File Cabinet Organization: Give your file cabinet a makeover before school starts. Assign special drawers and label everything.
  • Storage: Keep enough place for storing all your progress charts, study plans, etc. Do not throw them away, you may need them for reference later.

Ideas for Organizing Student Work

Students take a lot of pride in their work. So it is important to store and display their assignments with care and effort. It allows them to know that you value their efforts.

  • Student Portfolios: Creating a student portfolio is the best way to store and display their best work. Gather the student’s best work (including artwork) and file it in the portfolio chronologically. This way you can track their progress as well.
  • Display Space: Children like seeing their best work displayed. So assign a space in the classroom where you can hang their work. Make sure their names are on display as well. Recognition is an important aspect as well.

Ideas for Organizing Supplies

Supplies often get misplaced, damaged or disorganized during the school year, this is inevitable. But you can start the year organized and teach your students to be a bit more organized as well. Some ways to help you in this process are,

  • Bins/Baskets: the Best way to organize supplies like pens, crayons, pencils, etc. are in baskets or bins. Keep these bins within reach of the students and clean them from time to time.
  • Individual Storage: Another method is to give each student their own bin or basket with all their supplies. Label it with their name or roll number. This way they can be responsible for their own supplies.
  • Table Caddies: If the students are working in groups, give each table their own table caddie with all the supplies like crayons, scissors, glue, etc. This will for the shared usage of the whole table.

Other Important Tips on Classroom Organization

  • Assign classroom job to the students. Make sure you guide the students on how to effectively carry out these chores.
  • Re-organize your classroom monthly. Clean and tidy-up periodically so it does not snowball into a humongous task.
  • Make sure the parents are aware of your class schedules and procedures.
  • Always keep some extra supplies at hand. A new student may be added to the class anytime.

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