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JEE in last 2 months – Coaching or Self Study?

If you’re an aspiring engineering student then you must be busy preparing for the top engineering entrance examinations in the country like JEE, BITSAT, WBJEE or UPSEE 2017. With the JEE-Mains scheduled for the 2nd of April (offline) and 8th and 9th April (online), the most important question in all IIT aspirants’ mind is how to prepare for JEE in the last 2 months; coaching or self study? In this article, we’ll throw some light on how to maintain the right balance between coaching and self study in the last two months leading to JEE. So, take a break from your JEE 2017 preparations and read this important piece of information.

First and foremost, coaching or self study is not the sole criteria as far as success in an examination is concerned. You may find various examples around you where students have cleared their exams quite easily just by relying on self-study, and some of the students who have taken coaching are still struggling or vice versa. So, the decisive factor is your effort and commitment towards your JEE preparation and nothing else.

Just like every coin has two sides, the decision to opt for coaching classes or self-study in the last two months of JEE also has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros & cons of each alternative before we tell you the best way forward.

Pros & Cons of JEE Coaching Classes:

Pros Cons
· For certain demanding subjects, coaching classes definitely give you an edge over others as the classes have tried-and-tested tools of teaching and regular tests to assess your growth.

· Coaching classes provide you ample study material which helps you get used to the exam pattern and type of problems asked in the JEE examination.

· You get to interact and network with a group of people, which is essential in today’s competitive environment.

· Professional guidance by expert teachers along with exam-oriented handouts is one of the main reasons students opt for JEE coaching classes.

· Coaching also involves a remarkable amount of self-study and homework assignments and also instills in you the required discipline to study and concentrate for long hours.

· You always have the teachers and your peers to clarify your doubts, which is not possible if you’re studying alone.

· Coaching class is all about how you interact with the faculty and understand concepts in time with proper communication. If you fail to do so, then it could lead to bad results.

· Coaching classes have hundreds of students and you might not get individual attention unless you ask for it. Moreover, if you have a backlog then they don’t really care about it as they have to stick to their schedule.

· Some of the teachers in the coaching class might be incapable of teaching well. You can end up wasting your time.

· Lastly, let’s not forget that coaching classes are quite expensive and may burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Pros & Cons of self-study for JEE:

Pros Cons
· Self-study is flexible and incorporating, where you can grasp and learn at a pace that is suitable to you.

· You can design your own timetable with breaks and customizable tutorials.

· The potential of online tools like the tailor made study modules and discussion forums, etc. can be tapped to add to the beauty of self-study.

· If you’re self-driven, prefer learning visually and independently and grasp new things fast, then you should be fine with the self-study option.

· Successful self-study may give you an incredible amount of confidence to deal with any subject or course.

· Lastly, self-study saves you and your parents a huge amount of money in the form of coaching class fee.

· You may get lost or become complacent if you’re not disciplined and don’t manage time efficiently.

· If you’re not motivated or dedicated enough then it can backfire on you.

· In the absence of any professional guidance, you can get confused and there’s no one with whom you clarify your doubts.

· Some of the topics for JEE are very complicated and starting them on your own without any guidance can result in confusion and loss of confidence.

The following pointers will help you decide how to prepare for JEE in the last 2 months; coaching or self study?

  • Strike a Balance: There’s no doubt that coaching classes help students immensely but self-study is equally important to crack JEE. Always create a balance between coaching classes and self-study. Make a plan as time management is crucial.
  • Visit Classes only for Important Events: If the coaching class has completed the syllabus and you want to revise in the comfort of your home then please do so. Make sure you visit the classes intermittently so as not to miss out any important sessions/ special tests that might be very useful on exam day or for clarification of doubts.
  • Don’t Exert: You don’t need to go to the classes daily in the last days of preparing for JEE. Don’t drain yourself every day instead, save the energy to revise and devote time to self-study at home.
  • Interact with JEE Experts: Instead of going to classes and wasting time going over the same thing again, you must get in touch with students or seniors who have succeeded at JEE. These JEE experts can give you the most valuable tips and strategy to approach the JEE paper.
  • Quality Not Quantity: If your coaching class has organized an assessment test then, by all means, go for it. But make sure you solve your own hand-picked problems at home. Remember, solving 100 quality and concept-based problems are more important than solving 1000 moderately difficult questions.
  • Explore Group Studies: Lastly, studying with peers provides a healthy competitive environment where you can all learn from each other. Someone might know a few tricks to solve a problem that you’re weak at. Learn from each others’ strengths and make it a mutually beneficial association. Studying in groups also forms a strong bond which gives you confidence and motivation to do well.

Steer clear of distractions such as Smartphones, TV, Facebook, WhatsApp, Outings, etc. during the preparation period. Give equal time to all the subjects and clarify doubts with an expert. Spend more time with books rather than the coaching material as it will just prepare you for an entrance examination while the books will give you knowledge.

I personally feel that coaching classes add more value to your studies, and they are very helpful because it is better to learn from others first and then make yourself understand. In other words, coaching coupled with self-study is better than only self-study or studying only in coaching classes. Deciding on what’s better, coaching or self study depends a lot on your preparation level.

If you are one of those preparing on your own, without any JEE coaching, Toppr is the right place for you! We provide great study material, a reliable question bank, and timely help by experts! Hope this article answer your question of coaching or self study. Read more such interesting articles here.



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