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After two years of dedication and hard work post-school, you get through your exams with flying colors. You also get admission in one of the finest colleges out-of-town. Of course, apart from all the excitement, you have butterflies in the stomach thinking about leaving home and going to a new place. If you are planning to live in a hostel for the first time, you need some crucial advice. Here are some important tips for college girls.

  1. Before shifting to a hostel, do some thorough research about the location of your college. Check out the nearest railway stations, bus stands, hotels, hospitals, police stations, shopping centers (the most important :p), etc. Universities and colleges are usually situated on the outskirts of a mega-city. Make a list of all the buses, trains, and flights, which connect your hometown and college.
  2. Know your college. You need to have a clear idea of what is available in the college. Pictures of hostel rooms and canteens can be very misleading on the internet. Talk to people who’ve studied in your college and get in touch with common friends/relatives through social media. This way you will know what you need to carry from home.
  3. The part which requires complete attention is packing, especially if your college is located in a remote area. No matter what people tell you about their fitness fundas, always carry home-made snacks and delicacies because you might get bored with the canteen food sometimes. Don’t forget to pack extra toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, combs (you will lose them!), your favorite perfume and other things you need on daily basis.
  4. Once you enter your hostel, jot down the contact numbers of your roommates and their parents. It just might help you in emergency situations. Maintain good relations with roommates (you need to live with them for a year!) and wingmates. Keep your room, corridor and bathrooms clean. Littering in the corridors or bathrooms can land you in trouble.
  5. Confide in a friend when you feel homesick. Get over it as soon as possible. Maintain a healthy diet and make sure you exercise regularly.
  6. If ragging is a menace in your college, handle it carefully and calmly. Tell it to the concerned authority and do not take rash decisions all by yourself. It’s important to stay realistic and take help.
  7. Colleges have some rules for your safety like in-times, do not violate them. You may get tempted to sneak out at night, but trust me, it’s best if you don’t. Never walk alone at night. When you are in the campus, it’s the institution’s responsibility. When you are alone, you can’t blame anyone for any mishaps.
  8. Carry a pepper spray, whistle or consider taking a self-defense course. You never know when you’ll need these defense mechanisms.

Hostels are a beautiful destination. Those late-night talks, insane jokes, pranks, birthday parties, treats, and laughs will be missed once you get out of them. Choose your friends wisely and have the right gang. Your college will give you amazing opportunities for your overall development. Give all of them a try. All the moments will turn into invaluable treasures in your heart. So, go ahead and make lots of memories.

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