COMEDK Mock Tests Available Online

COMEDK mock tests will be made available for the candidates by the exam conducting body from 5th February, 2018. Here’s the link to the practice mock tests for Physics & Chemistry. Here’s the link to Mathematics mock tests. It should be noted that COMEDK medical exam has completely been replaced by NEET.

Candidates have to provide their login Id & Password to be able to access the COMEDK mock tests above. Let’s go over some important points about these mock tests.

COMEDK Mock Tests – Few Important Points

  1. These should be taken during the same time of the day as the main exam
  2. Candidates must time themselves when they take them.
  3. A Countdown timer will be available on the screen – While Physics & Chemistry mock tests combined will be of 30 minutes, Mathematics will be a 15 minute mock test.
  4. Candidates should not get demotivated over lesser marks, rather they should take this as a weakness they can work on before the main exam

COMEDK Mock Tests – How to Navigate?

In any test, other than the responses you make, navigation is very important as well. Let’s go over how to navigate during the COMEDK Mock Tests.

  1. Candidates can click on the question number displayed on the right of the screen to go directly to the respective question number.
  2. The section that the candidates are currently responding to will be highlighted.
  3. After all the questions of a section, candidates will automatically be taken to the first question of the next section.
  4. Candidates can shuffle between sections and questions during the mock test.
  5. After each question, candidates must select the ‘Save & Next’ button to save the current response before going to the next question.
  6. If the candidates are not sure about a response, they can select the ‘Mark for Review & Next’ button.
  7. Candidates have to click on the section name to view the questions.
  8. The summary of the responses to a section will be available as a part of the legend that appears in every section of the question palette.

COMEDK 2018 Applications are still going on and will be available till 19th April, 2018. Candidates are requested to apply as soon as possible & not stall the procedure for the last date.

We hope that you’d take the COMEDK Mock Tests sincerely. They will definitely help you grab an edge on the big day. Hope you’ve done great in this exam season. Toppr wishes you all the best for the ones ahead!

Do check out our article on COMEDK Tips and Tricks here.

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