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Start Taking COMEDK Seriously!

COMEDK may feature as yet another exam under the numerous entrance exams held in India. However,one must not dismiss the chance to write this exam. It could prove to be the best path to help you live your future. 

COMEDK – the Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka  was revived and given the due permission by the KPCF and KUPECA. It was asked to to conduct entrance exams into private colleges and associations of Karnataka.COMEDK holds good for engineering, medical and dental courses at an Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

As of 2015, the COMEDK exam proved to be an excellent opportunity.It helped thousands of medical, dental and engineering aspirants enter colleges and courses of their choice.The system was said to be affable  and efficient. However,in 2016,UGET was cancelled  for medical and dental seats.The Supreme Court barred all MBBS and BDS entrance exams conducted by  private colleges and associations.This was due to the execution of NEET-Phase I and II.

As a result, UGET occurred only  for engineering students on May 8, 2016.

Now, after attending the UGET, many engineering aspirants were left wondering if the exam would help them in any way? This was because, majority of UGET applicants were of medicine and dental origin (1.01 lakh out of 1.79 lakh).

All doubts can rest. COMEDK is important and helpful for engineering aspirants as well.It has served its purpose for MBBS and BDS aspirants in 2014 and 2015. COMEDK will help a long way for those seeking to gain admission into some of the reputed and ranked colleges of Karnataka.

And the following reasons explain why COMEDK should be taken seriously:

  • Admissions Are open to Students all over India

The primary benefit of COMEDK is that,it is open to students of other states also.Hence, other state students also stand a promising chance of studying in Karnataka. Karnataka is renowned for its distinctive engineering and medical colleges. However, there is a reservation of 50% for SC, ST and OBC students of Karnataka and no reservation for other state students.
  • High number of seats are available

For the academic year of 2016, around 161 colleges will be offering 18,000 seats to the students who have cleared UGET. Regarding MBBS and BDS,nearly 700 seat openings could have been provided into 23 dental and 19 medical colleges. Maybe in the coming years more number of institutions will become members of COMEDK. Then, there will give a good chance for students to secure admissions in a variety of colleges.All this with more ease and speed.
  • Admissions are Merit Based

COMEDK is determined in ensuring that only meritorious students secure seats in Member Institutions.Fair, effective and transparent testing procedures have been laid down by the Associations of Medical, Dental and Engineering private colleges. So, students can rest assured that they are provided admission by means of merit .There are no malpractices involved.


  •  Common Curriculum

Students are always in a state of confusion and worry prior to the their admission into colleges.Thus,in this dilemma,they tend to give n number of entrance exams.Remember,a good COMEDK rank (in the top 1000) promises students a seat in a course and college of their choice.Cracking the COMEDK-UGET isn’t very difficult.One has to prepare in same way as for JEE or Medical Entrance exams.The curriculum is based on NCERT syllabus.With dedication and hard work,a high rank is definitely possible.Always,give your best at any entrance exam.Do not be half-hearted.


  •  COMEDK is one combined single exam

Unlike the split of JEE Mains and Advance,UGET and PGET is conducted as a single exam,respectively.Thus students save time and can write many more exams.Moreover, UGET is also an offline and online exam,making it easier for students to give exams. And COMEDK’s online entrance exams were carried out smoothly in 2016.


  •  Excellent List of Member Colleges

 Some of the top 10 engineering colleges of India like RVCE and BMSCE provide admission to students via UGET. Other institutes that are a part of COMEDK are-PES Institute of Technology and S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology. Here is a list of the college rankings under COMEDK.
  •  B.Arch Admissions Simplified

Engineering, medical and dental seat aspirants were required to give the UGET test (online or offline).Students applying for architecture,however, need not give a separate entrance test. NATA rank and scores, and school marks is sufficient for students to apply.This gives a fair and good chance for architecture students.They can study at the best architecture colleges in the country. B.Arch till date is offered in a limited number of colleges in India.


  •  PGET admissions

For those searching for MS and MD options,COMEDK is a good platform for pursuing a degree or diploma in medicine and dental. The PGET was a complete online exam held across various centers in the country on January 17,2016.

With the first round of counselling occurring now,around 12 Institutions are Offering MD / MS Admissions and 19 Institutions are Offering MDS Admissions.About  600 Seats have been made available for students through PGET.

COMEDK may have been indispensable for the medical and dental aspirants at the under graduate level.It still is important for engineering and architecture students.Not to forget,for higher studies in medicine as well. Hope you’re convinced that COMEDK will prove to be a handy ticket to envisage your dreams and future career.To learn more about COMEDK, click here. Toppr wishes you all the best for your future!





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