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Commerce Books for Class 11th:

Preparing for CBSE Commerce class 11 requires a lot of determination and great zeal as this paves way for the performance in Class 12 Board exams. Sticking to the prescribed books is very much required but in order to expand one’s horizons it is preferable to look into various reference books too. This habit inculcated from now will actually benefit in the long run. In this article, find some of the best reference commerce books for class 11th.

Students who have wide spread knowledge about the topics studies have better chances to fare well not only in the boards but also in the entrance exams that one would appear later in time.

How do reference books help enhance the study experience?

  • They give an all new perspective to the same topic.
  • Each book has a different method of teaching and presenting that could strike a chord with the reading mind.
  • Some books provide an in depth knowledge about the topic for better understanding.
  • They might also have different study tips and patterns of study that suit examination preparation.
  • Each author has a different dimension that is portrayed in the book which helps the student to think out of the box and aids in better learning.

Look at some important commerce books for class 11th for the core subjects:

  1. Accountancy

As a student of Class – 11 studying commerce, you are introduced to the basics of accounting, GAAP, the accounting standards, book of original entry, recording of transaction through the finalisation of accounts and the like. You will also learn about the accounting soft wares that have much relevance in today’s world.

The following books can help u with guidance for better receptivity:

  • K.Goel
  • S. Grewal

The magnitude of questions that these books offer is very large. Since, accountancy is a subject that requires lot of practice, referring to these books and solving the various MCQ’s that they offer at the end of the topics helps gain better understanding of the subject.

  1. Business Studies:

Business studies starts with giving a clear picture of the nature and purpose of business, the types of industries and the activities related to commerce, internal trade and international business. It gives an insight into the forms of business organisations, the concept of e-banking and the knowledge about formation of a company and its requisites.

As we can see this is a subject that is completely theoretical. Keep in mind that you do not deviate from the terminology that is to be used. NCERT book is the main book that is to be studies thoroughly for this subject. However, for the various reasons as discussed earlier, make time for the best reference books for this subject that include:

  • Poonam Gandhi
  • Sandeep Garg
  • Meena Verma
  1. Economics:

Well, this is one subject that if properly studies, can be extremely interesting and thought-provoking. But, the right preparation and master approach is the key. What economics basically deals with is topics like agricultural, industrial sectors, foreign trade, demographic condition, occupational structure and the infrastructure, the goals of five year plans and demonstration of the trade policy. It aims to give an understanding about liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. The various challenges faced by an economy, its relevance, causes and remedies are discussed in detail.

Here are a few reference books for Economics that you can rely upon:

  • R. Jain and V.K. Okhri
  • Sandeep Garg
  • B. Sachdeva

Why refer to other books?

One important thing that is clear to a commerce student is that all the subjects that one studies as a student of commerce are more or less concerned with reproducing the content in the book onto the paper in the exam. However, one should also be aware that all these theoretical subjects have practical applications in our daily life. So, to get a better hang of the correlation between the theory and the application and the way these theories are deduced from practicality, one should have wide knowledge and be open to a lot of ideas and perspectives. The various reference books, help in framing this.

Keep in mind!

It is to be borne in mind that reference books provide additional knowledge and aid in more practice to train the mind for exam. So, never stick to reference books alone. Always be thorough with your NCERT books, solve all the questions that these books contain. Use the reference books for reference.

Solve previous year papers, solve the various sample papers available for each course. Follow the ALL IN One book from Arihant Publishers. This book makes you exam ready as it will be easier for you to cover the syllabus before the exam when you have tight time schedules.

Apart from all of this, one main key to success as we all know is hard work coupled with smart planning. Stay determined, plan your time wisely, ensure your basics are perfect and make the best use of all the resources available in the form of reference books.

These were some of the best commerce books for class 11th. For more such articles, keep following us here!

All the Best!

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