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Commerce,science along with biology are considered as the Holy Trinity of choices among Indian students. Right from High School, students are in a state of confusion as to pick what for specializing in the 11th and 12th standards. The decision is a very important one because it by and large shapes the future of the student.

The chief causes of the confusion are lack of knowledge about the subjects among the students and drifting of interests. This leads to chaos in the minds of the students and at large they are undecided about the topic. Thus many students end up making the wrong choice, repenting later. So students must make this choice very carefully.

The trend among the students in India is that majority of them choose science. There are a number of reasons for this. More opportunities, presence of multiple options for undergraduation degree and also peer pressure. Science is no doubt a good choice but one must take it carefully. Science opens doors to careers in engineering, medicine and pure science.  Engineering and medicine are very niche career choices. Along with these advantages comes certain difficulties too. In India science aspirants have to face a lot of competition. A lot of competitive exams have to be cleared for getting admission to the elite colleges like IITs, NITs and AIIMs etc. The struggle for getting good jobs furthers after getting into these colleges. This unfortunately has culminated into a rat race. On the other hand pure science has remained by and large neglected. Research opportunities are at scarce in India save for a few institutes like IISC etc. But this situation is slowly improving in India as more students are leveraging the opportunities provided both in India as well as abroad to churn out meaningful research.

Commerce on the other hand has always been a very silent field. Generally there are very few choices in undergrad for this field. The most common choice opted for is B.Com. Many B.Com. began their preparation for their CA exams in parallel with their studies. Getting a CA degree is a very hard task. But a CA degree is a very prestigious one and can propel one to a very successful career. There are many good commerce colleges in India like SRCC Delhi, LSRCW Delhi, Christ University Bangalore etc. Commerce is a very consolidated field where specific skill sets especially in statistics and maths are developed. It can be opted for if one is very sure that one wants to pursue a career in maths and statistics.

Overall the choice must be made by the student after considering all the alternatives. He/she must assess all the possibilities and carefully arrive at the choice. One should not just opt a choice for the sake of it or under pressure. Take the choice you are most comfortable with and not matter what you choose if pursued with passion that choice can take you to the pinnacle of success.

That was my take on the commerce vs science dilemma.

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