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Higher education, especially undergrads and post grads may sound daunting, but, the time you spend at college or university will be the best time of your life. You not only learn and start thinking about a career; you also have more fun than you ever will when you are all grown up and responsible. Some of this fun is often remembered by the terms one uses in college. The slangs, the endearments and also the freshly minted abuses stays with one forever. Some of the places where slangs are most coined and used are the IITs in India. IITians are not only brilliant at studies, but they are also brilliant at inventing a new vocabulary. Here are some examples of their most commonly used slangs.

Freshie/Fachcha: A Freshie is a confused, nervous, newbie IITian.

Maggu: Maggu is a term used for the studious people at the university. These people can be seen at the water cooler at 2 a.m. in the morning because they were up studying. They have the highest GPA and they are generally not very socially engaged.

Arbit: Short for arbitrary, the term is used to denote nothing specific or just everything. For example, “Bhai  arbit grades aye hain.”

Bakar/Bhaat: This word is used to denote gossip in general.

Fart:Fart is used to denote any sort of pointless talk. It is also used when someone says something off topic.

Junta: Any number of people greater than two are called junta. Students are junta. Professors are junta. Alumni are junta.

Avoid: Apart from standard usage, this word is also used to end a discussion or to tell someone not to do something. It is also used to generally not go into something.

Funda: Funda is short for fundamental. It is used to denote any philosophy of life or a theory in general.

Sutta: Another name for cigarette.

Vela:  Vela is a person who sits around lazing all day.

God/ Stud: These terms are for people who are brilliant at something.

Ob: Short for Obviously.

KLPD: This denotes the frustration you feel after you have been shown a lot of hope and been disappointed.

The above are some of the most common slangs that almost all the IITians use. IITs have their regional slangs as well. It’s always nice to learn some of these from your seniors and enjoy that connect with the other students.

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