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What is Job Satisfaction?

Job Satisfaction refers to the attitude of an employee towards his job. We must not confuse it with motivation. Instead, it has more to do with attitude and the internal state of the employee with respect to his job.

job satisfaction factors

For instance, one can associate it as a personal feeling of accomplishment or more. However, if the present job of the employee does not offer him psychological or physiological gratification, then there is a lack of job satisfaction. There are various job satisfaction factors which determine this concept

Concept of Job Satisfaction

The concept of job satisfaction means that the present job of an individual fulfills his psychological and physiological needs. This is made possible through the organizational process. In other words, job satisfaction is essentially a multidimensional attitude which comprises of good pay, promotion, healthy work environment and more. A higher level of job satisfaction means that the person likes their job whereas low job satisfaction refers to the disliking of a job. Similarly, job satisfaction is something which a person expresses through emotional feelings of an individual.

Factors affecting Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction plays a huge role in an employee’s engagement and effort. The performance of a person drops due to unsatisfaction of their jobs. In addition, their quality of life also gets affected. No doubt every individual has their own uniqueness and expectations, but, there are certain factors which are common amongst every working individual. For instance, the working environment, fair policies, caring organization, appreciation, creativity, safety and more are some of them. Work is an important part of anyone’s life and people spend a large amount of their time on their job. Thus, it is necessary to have job satisfaction which will also enhance the performance and productivity of an employee.

Factors affecting Job Satisfaction

Work Environment

The work environment matters a lot in job satisfaction. Employees must have a healthy work environment which encourages their overall development. One requires a safe and healthy work environment which offers them comfort. Therefore, a friendly and supportive environment will lead to a higher level of job satisfaction.

Fair Policies and Implementation

Fair policies and their proper implementation are very important for any employee’s job satisfaction. For example, when they feel that a certain promotion is made following a fair and just manner, they will be more satisfied. Similarly, if they see discrimination happening and unfair practice, they will not be satisfied with their jobs.

Considerate Organization

Humans long for care and compassion. The same thing applies to a job. When the employee feels the organization cares about him and constantly works to enhance their lives, they will be happier. However, if they are not appreciated for their work and constantly reminded of their mistakes, they won’t be able to prosper.


Money is one of the main reasons why people work. It not only helps to fulfill our basic needs but also enhances the quality of our life. Therefore, if a person is getting less than what he deserves, he won’t be happy. Sometimes employees work overtime but do not get the payment for it. If a person won’t get monetary benefits, naturally the job satisfaction will be low.


This is a major factor for job satisfaction. A person works in a place to thrive and prosper. However, if he sees there is no growth and no promotion, they will feel stuck and unsatisfied. Therefore, promotion boosts the confidence of a person and makes them feel appreciated. Thus, promotions in the workplace will help the employees work better.

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