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There are many people who are of the view that if some amount of a particular thing is better, then a lot of that particular thing might be magical. This might be true in regards to some circumstances and some activities when the health on an individual is in question. However, with the optimal supplementation and intake of vitamin, this is not true at all. Let’s learn what happens if you consume too much vitamin.

What Happens If You Consume Too Much Vitamin?

Common Vitamins and the Symptoms of Vitamin Overdose

According to studies carried out by Medscape, vitamins are considered safe by a majority of Americans and this is the reason why many Americans have made it a habit to take consume too much vitamins because they do not have any perceived risks in their minds. However, the truth is that if you consume too much vitamin, it can result in vitamin overdose and this can be really dangerous; even life threatening in some cases. It is important to note that multivitamins covering 100% of Daily Value for all minerals and vitamins are safe. Nevertheless, there are certain nutrients that people should be very careful with. Some of the common vitamins and the symptoms of vitamin overdose have been provided below:

  • Vitamin D which, also called the sunshine vitamin, is extremely important for people. A deficiency of vitamin D can cause a lot of problems in people. It is the vitamin which undertakes the responsibility of regulating phosphorous and calcium in the bones and without this, an individual might be a complete softy. Vitamin D deficiency coupled with lack of physical activity and required calcium can result in weakness of the bones which automatically increases the risk of bone discomfort, broken bones and osteoporosis. However, it is also worth noting that the overdose of vitamin D can cause permanent damage to the heart and the kidneys, though this is very rare.
  • The symptoms of vitamin D overdose can result in troublesome but temporary health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and alternating constipation. In most cases, an overdose of vitamin D can also cause dangerous heart rhythm abnormalities. The chances of mental retardation in babies increase if pregnant women suffer from vitamin D overdose.
  • Group B vitamins are basically a group of 8 vitamins responsible for supporting different bodily functions. There are different functions carried out by group B vitamins and they range from promoting healthy hair and skin, memory support to supporting metabolism rate. An overdose of vitamin B6 can result in nerve toxicity while vitamin B3 overdose can cause jaundice liver toxicity and nausea. An excess of folic acid can help in masking the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins supporting the function and the health of the eyes. However, serious vitamin A overdose can result in the death of an individual. An overdose of vitamin A progresses very slowly because vitamin A is fat-soluble and remains stored in the fat cells. Some common symptoms of vitamin A overdose include rough and dry skin, hair loss and cracked lips. Symptoms of severe vitamin A overdose include headache, irritability, liver disease, high levels of liver enzyme in blood, high pressure in human brain, vomiting and death as well.
  • The most dangerous and the most widely known vitamin overdose especially for children is iron overdose. Iron is important for the red blood cells and for the preventing anemia but an overdose of iron can result in the death of an individual. Iron overdose is also the main reason behind fatal poisoning in children less than five years of age.

Vitamins are essential for our health but if you consume too much Vitamin, it might end up hurting your health. And health is wealth, right?

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