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IIT JEE is undoubtedly one of the toughest engineering entrances exams in India. Most of the engineering aspirants dream of becoming an IITian. But it is not possible for everyone to make it to the IITs. Among 13 lakh students who appear the JEE Main, only 10 thousand students manage to secure themselves seats in IITs. This should make you think: What If You Could Not Get Into IIT? Not that you can’t. But you need to be open to the possibility. For all those IIT aspirants who were unable to make it into IIT, here is some advice: Don’t worry; there is lot more that can be achieved without the IIT tag.

What If You Could Not Get Into IIT?

Do not consider this to be the end of your bright career. In fact getting an admission into IIT does not guarantee a bright future and nor does it indicated an end of your career. What truly matters is your dream to pursue a career in engineering and as long as you are able to achieve it, you should not feel defeated in case you do not get into IIT.

In reality, 4 years down the line, no one will ask from which college you graduated and completed your engineering. All that the recruiters and companies see is how much better you are in the respective courses than others. In my opinion, one should not think much in case of not having qualified for IIT. Do not get bogged down by what people say. Do not consider to be a failure. Just focus on your goal and look out for better option. Also, do not run away from the reality and rather work yourself through it. There is still a lot that can be achieved without the tag of an IIT engineer.
In this article we have discuss some of the options available for students who couldn’t make it to the IITs:

• IIITs, NITs, BIT’s are equally good options:

There are a number of colleges and institutions that are equally good as the IIT’s. Colleges like IIITs, NITs, and BIT’s Pilani are some of the finest institutes offering quality engineering education. So, just don’t lose hope and go for NITs or IIITs or BIT’s if not IITs. Click here to know more about this. There are a lot of people who did not clear IIT JEE but excelled in their respected fields. There are also a number of people who did very well in Engineering Exams but chose a different career option. Click here to know more about these people

• State universities are another best option:

A number of private and deemed universities have a very good reputation of engineering colleges. Since it is a question of your career, we advise you to carefully analyze the status and rank of university you intend to join. Those who did not qualify IIT JEE can always get admission in various state universities or constituent colleges. Although entering such universities is not a big task, but that does not mean that the standard of education in these colleges is not good. In fact, these institutes are well-known for their quality engineering education. Some of the most renowned state institutes include:
1. College of engineering, Anna University
2. Cochin university of Science & Technology (CUSAT)
3. Nirma Institute of Technology
4. Faculty of Tech & Engineering, MS University.
Click here to see a bigger list of colleges you can take admissions in.

• Public and Private Sectors colleges:

There are a number of private and public sector colleges that offer engineering courses. These colleges constitute more than 90% of the total engineering seats. Although some colleges offer extremely good engineering programs, but students need to be cautious while selecting the college.

• Give another attempt for the exam:

If you are very passionate and want to get into IIT and pursuing your engineering from this institute, then you should surely give it another chance to prove yourself. Since you have already experienced the entrance exam you are in a lot better position to prepare well for the exam. By now you would have learnt from the previous mistakes and could improve yourself. Click here if you are still not sure about taking a re-exam for IIT JEE.

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