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Can I crack JEE Advanced without coaching? It is absolutely normal to have this seemingly ambitious question. Every JEE aspirant ponders over it while deciding whether he can crack JEE Advanced without coaching. The fact, however, is that most ‘aspirants’ join a coaching class to prepare. Do most aspirants who qualify do that? It seems not very obvious.

In recent years, increasingly, IIT-entrants tend to report a focus on self-study. They say, self-study gives a more flexible and relaxed time table for preparation and revision. The major reason for this upcoming trend in JEE preparation is the commercialization of coaching institutes and providing a one size fits all solution to JEE preparation. Those who crack JEE Advanced eventually, learn at a much faster pace than others and with the batch sizes increasing to accommodate more people, there is an increasing divide within these batches which harms both the slow and fast learners.

JEE Advanced without coaching? How?


So, here’s what you should consider doing if you decide to go the trendy way and relinquish yourself from the burden of coaching!

No skipping school:

I know how ridiculous that sounds. But it is important in many ways. If you attend all the classes and all the labs, however hollow, you’ll at least be familiar with boards syllabus. You can have discussions with teachers, if good, and friends who attend coaching ( they mostly won’t have time after school ).

Select the exams you’ll take very carefully:

You need not appear for every engineering entrance exam that is conducted. You should go through the syllabus and apply for only those whose syllabus orient well with JEE. That will keep you focused on your goal.

No Resnick-Halliday, Irodov and other scary names:

Your friends and even some teachers will tell you to solve these books. NOT NEEDED!

Interact with IITians:

Keep in touch with the students who have cleared JEE so that you can get a better guidance. They will let you know about Do’s and Don’ts for JEE. Definitely, good guidance is needed to secure a decent score in JEE.

Use your Toppr App:‘s goal driven adaptive platform, created to help students prepare for JEE can be an asset especially for self studying aspirants as they would find this platform much more useful because they can plan their exam prep which is usually done by coaching institutes. Enroll for our test series to gauge your academic standing in a controlled environment. You can also clear your doubts on Toppr’s forum.

Study smart:

Study for 3-4 hours per day, on weekdays, with sufficient gaps in between. Try to double that on weekends. Be regular and try to match your syllabus with your coaching friends. Follow a timetable to utilize your time in the best way. Solve more and more problems, discover more and more new tricks (on your own). Make your notes for the topics in which you are weak. This will help you to perform well in exam.

Use internet to your academic advantage: 

Nothing can ever substitute a good teacher or a good book. But you can always supplement your teacher and book with the available technology. And there are plenty of apps in for candidates preparing for JEE.

Previous years papers:

As you finish your topics, try to solve the related questions that have already been asked in JEE. No matter how many questions you’ve solved from different sources, you’ll never get a bigger boost as the one after solving a few previously asked questions.

Correspondence Course: 

These days, every good coaching institute has a correspondence course. Find a few, how through them and then, sign up for one. I don’t particularly recommend buying a second hand set, if finance isn’t a problem. They send one packet of study material, and practice questions every month. Go through the study material, and then solve all the practice questions (by yourself). They have practice tests, and mock exams, and other such things. Some of them would even send back corrected copies, if you send them your answers to their practice questions.

Study buddies:

This one is very tricky. If you have good friends who can improve you academically, group-studying might not be such a bad idea. Working with a competitive study group can goes a very long way in the successful preparation of IIT-JEE. Group discussion with teachers and fellow students can recreate a cooperative environment to refine your preparations. But if your meetings begin to turn into futile gossip, you know you need to pull the plug.

Board exams:

About 2-3 months before the 12th board exams, stop JEE studies entirely and switch to studying only for the board exams. After the board exams, you’ll  have about a month of revising for the JEE Advanced.

Eat & sleep well:

 Having a good diet is as much essential as studying. Your brain needs regular energy from food to work efficiently. You must have 6 – 8 hours of proper sleep to sufficiently relax your brain.

Doing everything else: 

Go for a walk in the evening, spend time with friends ( also who are pursuing a different field ) and relatives, help your cousins or other kids with problems in their studies, watch movies that interest you, read books!

There are a lot of students in this era who believe in their own abilities and aptitude, crack JEE Advanced without coaching and get admission into an IIT without any formal coaching.

Indeed one can crack JEE Advanced without coaching. Just believe in yourself. All the Best. See you at IIT!

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