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Cracking JEE is a dream for many, but not everyone is lucky enough to achieve their goals. Outsmarting one of the world’s toughest exams like JEE is no joke, and it is but natural that students rely on coaching institutes for their JEE preparations. How to crack JEE has always been a tricky question. But there are outliers who defy this trend and crack JEE without coaching. According to a report published by IIT Delhi, the outliers seem to be on the rise. 52% of candidates who have cleared JEE (Advanced) in 2013 preferred self-study for IIT preparation compared to 48% who had opted for coaching institutes.

JEE officials confirmed that the Guwahati zone has the highest percentage of students who preferred self-study for JEE with 61.4% opting for it. Madras with 39.4% has the lowest number of students relying on self-study for JEE preparation.

Before we get started with our comparative analysis, let’s quickly take a look at the region-wise breakup of those who preferred self-study vs. coaching institutes for JEE preparation.

Zone/Region Self Study % Coaching Institutes %
All India 52% 48%
Guwahati 61.4% 38.6%
Kanpur 54.8% 45.2%
Roorkee 55.1% 44.9%
Bombay 52.6% 47.4%
Delhi 47.1% 52.9%
Madras 39.4% 60.6%

Now that you have a fair idea about the statistics, let me first clarify that self study or coaching classes are not the sole deciding factors as far as success in the professional examination is concerned. This article will deal with the pros and cons of both self–study and coaching institutes so that you can choose one among the two or the best-suited.

And finally, the much-awaited comparison.



Yeah! For all you lazy students who don’t want to study their own, this one’s for you (pun intended). Well, on a serious note, coaching is not a bad idea at all for certain demanding subjects that involve technicalities.

  • One of the best advantages of coaching is the interaction or networking with an enormous group of people, which can give you an edge over others in this competitive academic environment.
  • Think about the proper revisions and practice you’ll be getting, which creates a solid foundation for examinations.
  • Coaching classes keep you abreast of the syllabus changes or crucial information that may be not achievable with self-study. And with this drawback, most of the students keep lagging behind.
  • You will be on a safe side because the classes are time-bound and provide good conceptual clarity along with ample study material.
  • In coaching classes, you will always be competing with your peers. It will push you to do your best.
  • Coaching classes give you a readymade plan. You don’t need to plan your studies as everything is taken care of. All you have to do is concentrate and study.
  • What’s more? You can also get more clarity about which university to join with the help of coaching classes as they are in regular touch with higher education institutes.

A Word of Caution

Every student needs to understand one thing very clearly that these classes come with a hefty price tag, which can cause a financial burden on parents. Also, if you are not able to cope up with the teaching style of the faculty, then there could be serious problems. Coaching classes always have a “one-size-fits-all” strategy and don’t have the time to individually teach each student. Remember: they will not help you to read books. It is you who has to put in the final effort to succeed.


If you have enough time and are determined to crack the JEE advanced in the first attempt, then you can prefer self study. But understand that self study is an essential component of coaching classes too as they can’t be successful without the input of self study.

  • The best part about self-study is the cozy, comfortable environment and time or place of your choice.
  • One of the major benefits is the cost-effective factor. Coaching classes are expensive and can cause a dent in your pocket. But be honest, ensure that you work hard or else you might spend the saved money on appearing for a re-exam. 😉
  • Going to classes might eat away your energy and also cause you to waste your time. Self study saves your valuable time of traveling to another place.
  • It removes your dependency on coaching classes, and you learn to take full responsibility of your syllabus.
  • Successful self study may give you an incredible amount of confidence to deal with any subject or course.
  • You have the superhero called ‘Internet’ to your rescue. Yes!! It is a great advantage of self study as you can understand what type of questions are asked in tests.
  • Self-study does not involve pressure and stress. Coaching classes can make everything so competitive that it may make you want to give up and run away from physics, chemistry and maths.

A Word of Caution

You need to remember to stay focused and not start day dreaming while studying. Self-study is a time-consuming process, and a lot of R&D is involved in it to succeed. It needs a lot of discipline and planning. Also, coaching classes provide in-depth study material and a list of frequently-asked questions. You will not have access to such things while studying alone. So, if you are not willing to take care of these factors, listen to my advice and don’t think about studying on your own.

To conclude, each student should consider the above factors before they make their decision. Give mock tests and solve as many questions as you can. That will give you a fair idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

However, the most reliable source of help is no one, but you!

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Will you give self-study more preference over coaching? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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