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“Dream is not what you see in sleep, dream is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep”-These beautiful lines by Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam represents everyone who is chasing his dreams-be it cracking AIPMT or any other entrance examination. You just need to have a burning desire to ignite yourself and follow in the direction of your ambition.

Hard work is an integral part of your AIPMT preparation. It is the only way out in this competitive era where the number of students competing for the exam is multiple in comparison to the number of seats. It hardly matters what kind of student you are. If you are ready to toil, then, you can easily grab a seat. You need to give continuous efforts with all your patience put together. Have faith in yourself even in the face of the greatest adversity and carry on with your work. In short, 3 P’s are required to crack the AIPMT-Patience, Perspiration & Persistence.

The Race to Medical

  • In the AIPMT exam, you have to face only 3 subjects-Physics, Chemistry & Biology out of which Biology occupies 50% while Physics and Chemistry occupy 25% each.From the beginning itself, you should build a strong foundation which would ease your further preparation.
  • For cracking AIPMT, you should give equal importance to all 3 subjects. For all 3 subjects you should be very thorough with their respective NCERT textbooks.
  • Since Biology has a greater contribution, it should be prepared very well. Moreover, it is mark fetching as it is fact-oriented. For Biology, one should be clear about each and every line and diagram of NCERT.
  • Next comes Physics which is quite a scary subject for students. In fact, it is not that difficult if your concepts are clear. This subject requires vigorous practice of the numericals.
  • Same is the case with Physical Chemistry. Once you are done with the fundamentals, everything becomes easy.
  • In case of Organic Chemistry, you need to understand the mechanisms of the reactions. Apart from these, there are certain portions which you have to remember.
  • Lastly, the preparation of Inorganic Chemistry is similar to Biology as it is also a fact-based subject. You can also develop some tricks to remember the formulae and structures of different compounds.

No preparation is complete without proper assessment. You should give regular tests to check your preparation. After you are done with your tests, you should go through the paper thoroughly once again. Sort out your weak areas and strong areas. Then, immediately start working on your problems simultaneously having a good control over your strength. This should be a continuous process and you should stick with this for the whole preparation period.

Time management is also an important thing to be taken care of. You should study for fixed time everyday. The time allotted to the subjects depend on your convenience and requirement. Each one of us knows at what time our body works the best. The time devoted to study requires full concentration with all your energy and enthusiasm.

To treat yourself for a satisfactory test or a busy week,you could go for any kind of recreation. It can be a hangout with friends, watching a movie, having your favourite ice-cream or buying a dress or T-shirt you had your eye on. There is no specific time to take a break- your body will let you know. During study hours, you should take short breaks when you can tune into your favourite music, chat with someone or go for meditation.

“No one has traveled the road of success without crossing the streets of failure.” You just have to keep your calm in difficult times. Develop a focused mind set and put all your heart and soul together in this beautiful journey towards your dreams.

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