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The moment engineering aspirants step out of the 10th board, the only thing they hear is JEE. Whether or not you’re fascinated to become an engineer with your gaily score card and consistent performance, you are of course tempted to take the science stream. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Parents, relatives and indubitably the next door neighbors, all focus on you cracking JEE because ‘Sky is the limit for you’….and IIT is the only way out! IITs are so glorified that most Indian parents forget to ask their children about their dreams and aspirations. 

Cracking JEE: Is it All About Prestige or Hype?

JEE is recognized as the toughest undergraduate examination and a dream-come-true for most Indians with an inclination towards engineering. Indeed, it is prestigious to become a part of IIT as only a few among the best are selected. Unquestionably, IITs are the topmost technical institutes in the country. With lakhs of applicants; however, cracking JEE is not so tranquil with only 1% hitting the green signal.

The unfortunate part is that it is so overhyped that people consider it to be the only doorway to success. IITs may be one of the shortest paths to success here in India, but it surely is not the only path. A child is conditioned to dream of getting into an IIT right from his/her secondary classes. Not getting admission into an IIT is as good as one’s end of the career. A student gives up almost everything from sports, extra-curricular activities, social life just to be called an IITian for the rest of his life. Parents invest their time, money and every other thing that might have a probable impact on the performance of their children.

It is disheartening to know that a father is more concerned about how his colleagues would react when his son fails in JEE! The mammoth pressure often drowns the child. It is sad to read about suicides rates in our country due to the rat race of cracking JEE. Who is to be blamed? The glorified tag has disillusioned us from looking at any better colleges other than an IIT.

We are so obsessed with the IIT tag that people spend a ridiculous amount of money on tuition and coaching classes. The hype of IITs has overshadowed equally reputed colleges and institutions like BITS, NITs, Delhi University and many others.

IIT is just a roadway, not a destination. The journey can be good or bad, easy or hard, so choose the path carefully. Instead of getting depressed over failure, look out for opportunities elsewhere and try to do well. People are not born just to pursue engineering. IITs are so alluring that parents want their unborn babies to become an IITian! There are other rewarding careers too. You don’t have to be an engineer always. Everyone child is born with unique talents and is capable of achieving success in life.  Don’t follow the herd and carve your own niche.

Cracking JEE is not as difficult a task as it is made to be. All you need is hard work and proper guidance. If you are gearing up for JEE, then check out the best online preparation platform for JEE.

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