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JEE is one of the most prestigious exam in the world and it is very difficult to crack it, given the competition. To crack the first phase of the exam, you need a good plan and a way forward – what we call a killer JEE Main Strategy. Let us discuss all the arsenal of tips that you might need to craft a winning JEE Main strategy to clear the exam:

Crafting the Perfect JEE Main Strategy:

Know your exam:

Getting information about the type, pattern, duration, syllabus etc. is what you should do before preparing for any exam. Reading the official notification published from the exam conducting authority is the first step. JEE Main is a 3 hour exam consisting of 90 multiple choice questions from physics, chemistry and mathematics with equal weightage to all three. There are 4 marks for every correct answer and 1 mark penalty for wrong answer. Stay updated with official bulletins and refer to JEE FAQs for all the general doubts.

Start early:

If you have passed the 10th exam and wish to steer your career in the field of engineering it is the best time for you to start preparing for JEE main. You will have ample time to cover all the topics and give extra time to the topics which seem difficult to you. Don’t waste your time thinking 2 years is a long time; it will pass quickly. If you have passed 12th exam and wish to prepare for JEE mains exam, time is crucial for you. Make your timetable, revise all your school books of physics, chemistry and maths and make a list of difficult topics. Always remember you are doing a task of 2 years in 1 year which can be done if you stick to your timetable. Many people in the past have done it, don’t hesitate to ask from them about their valuable experience. Choose your coaching wisely by consulting any former student, don’t go for big advertisements .

Don’t just read, read, read:

The most important part of Mains exam is the type of questions asked are always conceptual. Apart from one or two topics in inorganic chemistry you cannot mug your way to exam. So as soon as you finish reading a topic, try to solve as many numericals/questions on it as possible. Use mock tests available online to help yourself. Also, look through the previous year papers to give yourself an idea about the type of questions asked from that topic.

Know your strengths and weakness:

The perfect JEE main strategy is not just about solving each and every question. The amount of time you will invest in each question and the topics you will leave untouched has to be strategized before. During the preparation phase keep note of your strong topics and give extra time to weak topics. Have at least 70-80% of syllabus covered. You can leave a topic untouched but consult somebody before leaving it about its weightage. While giving the exam don’t become overconfident in your strong zone else you will end up penalized too much by negative marking.

Stay healthy, focused and updated:

Apart from keeping in mind the subjects you have to cover, don’t forget the diet you have to take. Never ever compromise on your diet during the preparation phase. Look on the internet for the healthy diets and follow the routine as it will give your mind the necessary energy to cope up with the sudden pressure. Do some light exercise in the morning or evening so that fresh air intake is always there. Remember that if you fall sick in these times, not only will you lose some precious time but your moral will also fall down. Avoid distractions like social networking sites, video games etc. in all forms for this period because they affect our memory. If you want a break from study, listen to good music, have a chat with friend about his JEE Main strategy etc. Reading success stories and talking to someone who is already into IIT will keep you motivated during this time.

Before the exam:

Last but not the least, revise all your topics 1 month before exam, mug up all the formulas and theory topics 1-2 week before exam. Give as much full length practice test as you can in the last weeks of the exam, keep a record of your mistakes and timing. Keep your mind cool 1-2 day before exam, don’t worry too much but at the same time don’t go for movies or anything. Just have everything ready for the exam like things required in exam hall, know the location of your centre etc.

At the time of exam don’t panic if the paper seems tough to you since cut-off will be low in that case. Read the instructions carefully twice, give your best in the exam keeping in mind the time limit.

Don’t stress, Do your best and Forget the rest.

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