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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences is a prestigious institute located in Delhi. This is an institute that tops the list of research institutes and hospitals throughout India and which is sought after by each and every medical aspirant. Lakhs of medical aspirants sit for the entrance examination of this institute every year, but there are only a few of them who are able to get the admissions by cracking the entrance examinations. These are the students who spend the best years of their student life to get into one of the toughest colleges. We tell you all the crazy things at AIIMS that you didn’t know about.  

Crazy Things at AIIMS

Students turn nervous wrecks

There are a lot of students who get nervous at the thought of studying medical sciences at AIIMS. These students tend to suffer from different types of nervous disorders such as insomnia, severe burnout and benign fasciculation syndrome.

You would be attacked on the day of counselling

AIIMS should not be considered a place to be filled with studious people. It is one of those colleges in India where students can live their lives to the fullest. The first day is the counselling day where you might be attacked by your seniors. They will call you “facchas” meaning freshers. You should not do the mistake of calling them “didi” or “bhaiya” or you can get into big trouble. You need to call them “ma’ms” and “sirs” which actually sounds a little crazy. Your interaction with the seniors will be a round of spicy tasks and questions. Enjoy it! 🙂

The Blasting Fresher’s Party at AIIMS

The freshers party thrown by the seniors at AIIMS is a bit crazy in comparison to the parties thrown at other colleges and there are good reasons behind this. This is a party you might never have seen before. In a medical college, it is actually crazy to find students dancing till 4 in the morning on their first day of college.

You are Allocated a Student Guardian

During the first month of your studies at AIIMS, you will be allocated a student guardian. This is another crazy thing about studying at AIIMS. This student guardian has the responsibility of looking after you. This is the person you can approach if you are facing any sort of problems.

The Student’s Union Elections

The Student’s Union Election is the best time to get to know some of the craziest things that happen in your college. You will find your seniors treating you in a completely different manner. You will get to see a completely different side of your seniors as they are the one who will need favours from you. They will take you for treats and even come to your room for campaigning. This will surely give you a quick look at serious politics.

The AIIMS Answer Key for 2016 is out now. AIIMS is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and there is news that Maharashtra might have it’s own AIIMS soon.

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