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What is Critical Analysis of a Text?

A critical analysis of a text refers to a careful examination and evaluation of a text. Furthermore, it is a text analysis which takes place in order to determine the effectiveness of the text. It is certainly an efficient way of scrutinizing information. Moreover, critical analysis involves challenging information and posing questions. Most noteworthy, an efficient critical analysis helps in understanding the interaction of particular elements. Also, these elements contribute to a work’s power and effectiveness.

Critical analysis of a text is a confident and clear refusal to accept the conclusions of writers without evaluation. This evaluation is of the evidence and the arguments provided by them. Furthermore, critical analysis is a balanced presentation of reasons. Most noteworthy, here the treatment of the conclusions of writers needs to take place with utmost caution. Also, critical analysis is a clear presentation of one’s own arguments and evidences.


Steps for Critical Analysis of Text

The following steps take place during the critical analysis of the text

Critical reading- First of all, one must read the entire text material that one is using for critical analysis. Furthermore, one must underline, highlight, and make important notes as one goes through the reading. Moreover, the reading must take place multiple times in case the text is complicated. Also, one must identify the thesis statement of the author.

Summarise the text- Here, one must summarise the text after conducting the critical analysis of it. Most noteworthy, one must write a brief useful summary of it. Moreover, in summary, one must describe the core or main focus of the text. Furthermore, the main argument of the argument must be highlighted.

Thinking about the response- It is essential for one to think about the text. The individual must think deeply and contemplate about the text. During this text analysis in a critical manner, the text affects a person emotionally. This emotional effect of a text is called pathos. Most noteworthy, pathos is an important part of the rhetoric. Moreover, the person must write down the initial responses about the text.

Consideration of the author’s background- The background of the author may inform the argument of the author. Therefore, one must gather information about the author’s background. This knowledge certainly helps in successfully carrying out a critical analysis.

Examining the author’s use of evidence- This is certainly the most important part of critical analysis of a text. Whether or not the author has incredible evidence, is also an efficient way of doing critical analysis. Most noteworthy, one must look at the sources of the author. These sources were used by the author to check their credibility.

Critical Analysis Template

Following points must exist in a text analysis if it is of a critical nature:

Introduction- First of all, state the title of the work. Furthermore, one must mention the date of publication and the author’s name in the introduction. Most noteworthy, one must highlight the main ideas of the text report. Moreover, one’s own thesis argument and main ideas need to be mentioned.

Summary- Here, a brief summarisation of the major ideas of the text report takes place. Above all, the summary must include various aspects like who, where, why, what, when, and how.

Analysis- Here one must use examples to critically mention what one agrees or disagrees with the text. Furthermore, one must use different paragraphs. Also, an evaluation of the author’s objective needs to be mentioned.

Conclusion- Here, one must restate the thesis statement using new words. Most noteworthy, one must summarize key ideas with stronger and new statements. One must also include a suggestion for the reader.

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