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A Day in a Doctor’s Life

Becoming a physician is not an easy task. Being a doctor and having the responsibility of many lives is even more difficult and exhausting.

So you may ask, what is a typical day in a doctor’s life? While this will be very different for most, we can conclude a regular day for most medical practitioners without the nuances.

Usually, the day in a doctor’s life begins with visiting and managing patients that have been hospitalized. Most doctors are often affiliated with several hospitals.

After addressing the emergencies, the physicians have office hours, which last six to ten hours per day. It is during these hours that they attend sick patients, and prescribe medicines to help prevent diseases. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Doctors are often interrupted via telephone by the hospital physicians who need to discuss the on-going care of our patients. If it is a private hospital, they also keep getting messages and alerts from patients about the changes in appointments and cancellations at the last minute.

When the entire day is over, there are “call-backs.” Many people call in to speak to a physician about ailments of their family members or discuss reports and labs. Sometimes, relatives come to the clinic during after hours to discuss the condition of their loved ones who are in the hospital.

A regular day may not end before 10 hours of work. Not to mention the working Saturdays in many clinics and hospitals. So, why do doctors really continue doing what they do in spite of having such hectic schedules and no work-life balance? The answer is simple—they love it. Most doctors want to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

But let’s look at the other side of the coin. In a country like India, we have a wide gap between the patient and doctor ratio. . Your day schedule shall have a morning breakfast, you go by car to a five-star hotel-like hospital; you are surrounded by assistants everywhere. It is far from the truth! There are surgeries and emergencies flooding in. And then comes the aspect of ignorance, lack of proper incentives and payment. It, in turn, leads to ignorance, lethargy, and disinterest of doctors wanting to serve people in the government-run hospitals. They would rather prefer private and luxurious hospitals as a substitute for a bad work environment. Thus, in India, we also need to understand the objective behind taking up the medical profession. As a doctor, you can be service-oriented or a profit-oriented.

Even the media has done a very poor job of portraying a doctor’s life. Television shows show that physicians are on the golf course several times a week and make millions of dollars per year. Rest assured, this is truly an exception to the rule!

That’s pretty much about a doctor’s life and typical day in a nutshell. Read about a day in the life of a Ph.D student here. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!

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