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When you decided to take a drop, you had a very specific goal in your mind : to do better next time whenever an opportunity will come around. I am sure your parents were extremely supportive of your decision and held no social pressures over you. But what about that nosy aunt who lives five blocks down the street? Well she seems to have decided on her own that taking a year off isn’t good for you, and that you must settle with any college that comes your way. And what about that useless ‘friend’ who mocks you every time you both come across each other? Well, it’s then the right time to end that toxic friendship.

How to deal with such Social Pressures while taking a drop?


This article outlines several extra suggestions that you might need to deal with these social pressures.

The Ordeal of Elderly Relatives

There are some proud relatives in each family who announce the successes of their own children and then ask, “So what are YOU doing with your life?” Now that’s a question which can make any of us cringe.

Adolescents go through a lot of similarly created social pressures, which can be defined as someone else’s idea of how we should lead our lives. It seems that there are some people in society, who are always waiting in anticipation for the next stage of our personal life. Actually, it might also seem that they are more interested in our personal life rather than their own. Now, how do you deal with them?

  • Listen to What They Have to Say

Listening to their advises does not necessarily mean that you have to implement them in your life. See what works for you and then only adopt that, and chuck out whatever remains straight into the bin.

  • Treat Them with Respect

Understand that when they advise you on how your life should be, they might be doing it out of a genuine concern, for you might still be their small and helpless toddler. So maybe it’s better to develop finesse for turning the conversation away from you by shining the spotlight right onto them and, if applicable, to their children.

The Ordeal of Fake Friends

Now this one might be a little tough. If you do have a ‘friend’ who jokes or makes fun about how you had to take a drop, or brags about his rank in a competitive exam in front of you, or continuously talks about how cool college life is; you need to seriously reconsider your friendship with him. Now remember, I’m not asking you to completely stop communicating with people like these; all I’m asking you to do is not to take their words as words of a genuine friend. However, do this only if the bragging and other stuff continues for a longer than the ‘okay’ or acceptable period of time. If they would be your real friends, they’ll themselves notice that something’s odd with you and will come over to talk to you.

The Ordeal of the ‘Immaterial’ Rest

The people listed above are the only ones you are supposed to remain in contact with. If there are other guests or some distant relatives as well, just don’t go on to see them. You took a drop to study, so just study and study hard. Most of the people will eventually realize this and will respect your privacy. Turn away from the social media too. This will eliminate further distractions and will immensely help you to concentrate in your studies.

Do you guys know Dungra Ram Choudhary? He took a year’s drop and clinched the prestigious AIR-1 position in his subsequent attempt at the IIT-JEE. Make him your idol! I personally know quite a few of my friends who took a drop and then scored a rank of AIR 1000 or even better in the JEE. So if people keep on putting social pressures by asking you uncomfortable questions, just point out these guys to them and excuse yourself to go and study.

And, if nothing else works, do what Skipper always asks the fellows from the Penguins of Madagascar to do, “Just Smile and Wave Boys, Smile and Wave”!

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All the very best to you!

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