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Students breathe a sigh of relief the moment board exams are over. Then the inevitable results are announced. Now it’s time for the sigh of relief to turn into anxious jitters as everyone gets ready to face the onslaught of decimal point cut-off numbers.

Delhi University has just released its third set of cut-off numbers, and one is hard pressed to find a course whose cut-off value starts with an 8 in any of the top colleges. A student or any average performer who’s trying hard to get admissions, at some point, becomes curious and puzzled about why are the Delhi University cutoffs so high? Here’s the answer. 

Currently, 2.5 lakh students have applied for around 54,000 seats across all the colleges affiliated to the Delhi University for an undergraduate degree alone. The high number of applicants is the fundamental reason behind the high DU cutoffs. The harsh truth is: only 21% of the candidates who have applied will get a seat. In all probability, students with average marks also must have applied for this year’s qualifying exam.

To begin with, there are always certain colleges with a good reputation and ranking. They are also quite popular among students and parents and have the opportunity to choose the crème da le crème. Eventually, this leads to very high cut-off marks to avoid applicants with comparatively weak scores. It is a filtering process where the sieve is so fine that it makes the selection process easier for the colleges.

At the face of it, it might seem that the colleges are using the system to their advantage and being unfair to the majority of the crowd. However, a close look at the scenario portrays a slightly different picture. Students want the best college to study in, and college wants only the best students to improve their reputation. So, as long as this circle exists, there will definitely always be cut-off numbers that seem unreasonable. Why blame only the colleges?

It’s interesting to know that this year, there was a 14% drop in the number of applicants. As reported by a popular newspaper, one of the major reasons is the entire admission system becoming an ‘online’ affair for the first time. But the research also suggests that this year’s grading was strict. Therefore, the average marks have come down. It could be the reason behind the lower cut-off numbers as compared to last year. The admissions in 2015 had a 100% cut-off. This year’s maximum has dropped to 99.25%, which isn’t a low value by no stretch of the imagination. Thus, despite the drop in applications and strict grading, the excellent scores of certain candidates have still resulted in high cut-off numbers.

DU is certainly one of the best universities in India and provides ample opportunities for all aspirants. So, in that sense, it deserves to have high cutoffs. But remember that no matter what the cutoff numbers are, hardworking students always get their due. So, keep working hard and you will reach your dream college and dream career!

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