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What is biology? Biology is the science of living things (animals and plants). Along with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; it’s included in the course of certain state boards.Those who have opted biology and others who have to study it but are unable to do so, here are some probable causes for your disinterest

  1. You may find it very extensive.
  2. You may find it boring at times.
  3. You might be facing difficulty in memorizing the terminologies.
  4. You may not be able to understand it.
  5. You may have problems in recollecting what you have studied.

Try to analyse what is your problem among the above stated reasons . Then refer to their respective solutions as stated below :

If you find it extensive

Biology is definitely extensive. But you have no escape. So, here is the solution- divide the topic to be studied into 2 or maximum 3 parts. Then between each part, take a short break and try to recreate yourself (you can do this by talking to your family members, listening songs, eating something, singing,etc.). That way you will be enthusiastic again for studying the next part ! I personally do this even now, when I have to read really big chapters.

If you find it boring

Few chapters may be boring(eg learning the taxonomical classification, diversity, ecology, etc.). But since they are a part of your syllabus, you have to do it anyway. For such chapters, the trick is to make mnemonics for diversity and classification. Where as for ecology and similar chapters, take breaks and study any other subject which interests you. Also, you can watch videos for very boring chapters. Sometimes, visuals are better than printed stuff !

If you face difficulty in memorizing terms

Biology is a subject which really large terms which can be at times, quite difficult to memorize. This is because most of the terms have their origin from Latin,Greek and other languages. Never forget that if the term is not after a scientist’s name, it has to have a meaning for sure! So break the term and assess its meaning. That would make it easier to remember. Another thing you can do is to remember the term by associating it with any other (easy-to-remember) funny term. It might be another solution for you.

If you are unable to understand it

Some concepts of biology might be difficult to understand. For this, you can try reading any other standard text book or may be you can approach any teacher (other than who has taught you that chapter). If a teacher is unapproachable, you can ask any of your friend who has understood it to explain that to you. Even if a friend refuses to help you, don’t worry. You can rely (to some extent) on the videos available online or on e-classes if available. After this, if you still face trouble, sit with a calm mind and try to think in a different way. It might help you out.

If you have problems in recollecting what you have studied

The best solution for this is to use your hand along with your mind while you study. Make diagrams and flowcharts. Try and write everything in your rough notebook. When you write, you recollect better !

No subject as such is really boring or uninteresting. It’s what we do with it that counts! Read on to know how to study Chemistry and Physics in an innovative way!

All the best!

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