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No doubt, with passage of  time we all have seen a lot of changes in our country and one of those changes included within digitalization is “Digital Education”. With countless benefits this new trend has enabled learners to learn anything they want without depending on anyone.  Technology has taken over almost every field of our lives and the onset of online courses came as a path-breaker. No longer did one need to have access to schools, time or a lot of money! All one needed was a good internet connection and a computer or an android phone.

One can take any course he/she want to learn, learn at his/her own pace, discuss with fellow learners to clear queries or doubts. Even some online learning portal provide certificates as well after completion of course or after some certification exam.

Since, this new mode of imparting education is having a lot of benefits not only for learners but also for educators and tech companies providing online courses. So a lot of online learning portals are available for learning online which can be classified into :-

  • Government Learning Portal which are obviously provided by government and are non-profit earning portals which means online courses are provided free of cost. Some of government learning portals are NPTEL, Swayam etc. which are funded by MHRD,  Government of India.
  • Non-Government Learning Portal which are provided by private organizations/companies which can be for profit or non-profit earning depending upon motive of company. Some of non-government learning portals are Toppr, Udacity etc.

Benefits of Digital Learning

Among those countless benefits some of benefits of digital learning are:

  • Digital learning empowers the learners to receive par excellence, quality education anytime and anywhere. Whether it is career and technical education or project-based learning, it gives learners a more interactive platform for learning and assessment
  • Free online courses open up avenues for both education providers and students.
  • Online education gives students an opportunity to plan their future course of action and fast track their careers
  • Quality educators are available for teaching.
  •  Such offerings are changing the way India learns by giving students an edge in learning, along with an opportunity to progress in their career

Reasons for the growth of digital learning

  • With nearly a billion people on mobile phones and over 200 million mobiles connected to the internet, there has been a considerable rise in digital learning.
  • The real-time learning and feedback methods, and personalized instructions has encouraged online learning.
  • People are stepping towards digital learning as the ed-tech firms are providing them the comfort of ‘live and interactive’ anywhere learning in digital format, through its online programmes.
  • These online courses are affordable or even free of cost and easily accessible.
  • Even top educators prefer digital learning as they deliver their same lecture in a different manner while receiving more than usual payment.
  • With nearly a billion people on mobile phones and over 200 million mobiles connected to the internet, there has been a considerable rise in digital learning.
  • Further learners don’t need to depend on any particular educator like in physical bound classroom. They can choose from a wide range of educators which is also one of the reason for its growth.

With the Digital India programme’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, the education sector in India is poised to witness major growth in the years to come. Technology-led reach and easy access will bring about a socio-economic difference in the lives of Indian learners. Further, this Digital Education will also increase employment as well which will obviously result in growth of country.

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