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Studies are one of the most integral parts of one’s life. We study in different phases of life for serving different purposes. When we are young and start to go to school, the sole purpose to study is to be able to be prepared to answer to the unexpected questions of the teachers and also to pass the examination. As we grow older, the purpose of study takes a paradigm shift, as we study for cracking competitive exams so that we can build a meaningful career. After a few years, the purpose of study becomes gaining knowledge and insight. The most crucial part of the study is, however, when we are young. This is the time when we build a foundation upon which can pile up as many stories of knowledge we can.

While studying for cracking competitive exams, it is important that you are thorough with all the concepts as the questions are basically concept based. When we have completed our courses in our coaching institutes and schools, it is the time we indulge in self-study. We usually have all the resources like books, notes and study material and we just need to revise all the concepts. It is observed when you study with friends, which are equally passionate about the examination, you benefit a lot. This is because, you can always turn towards the friends when you get stuck on a concept. When you discuss the topics with your partners, you get a better insight of the topic. Moreover, when the concept reaches the mind through the years, you are less likely to forget it.

More advantages of group study have been discussed here:

  1. Better understanding of concepts through help from friends: There may be members in a group who would have great command on certain topics. When all the partners discuss the concepts that they are good at, all the group study partners will benefit from it.
  2. Revision of concepts when you teach them to your friends: When you teach your friends, the concept or the topics, you automatically revise them and also gain perspectives on the subject.
  3. A sense of healthy competition: Healthy competition is absolutely ok. When you study in a group, you develop a sense of competition, which motivates you to put in extra effort which eventually works in your favour. This holds good for all the group partners, which result in better performance of all the group partners.
  4. Inculcation of teamwork spirit: When you work as a team, you tend to develop team spirit which you will require ahead in your career. When you join the industry, you will realise how important it is to be able to work as a team.
  5. Better and strict following of the routine: Studying in a group ensures that you follow the routine with all the strictness. If one partner deviates from it, there are others who will make sure that the routine is followed.
  6. Avoidance of procrastination of work: When you follow the routine, it is natural that the short terms and long term goals are achieved. You will not procrastinate your work resulting in timely completion of the syllabus so that you have ample time to take up test series.
  7. Break the monotony: Studying alone can cause monotony. When you study in groups, monotony does not creep in as you can set aside some time for recreational activities with your friends.

It is quite evident that there are proven benefits of studying in group. However, there may be some disadvantages if you do not take study seriously and indulge in gaming, trivial discussions and other such activities that kill time. To ensure your group study session is effective, choose the partners with care and prepare a routine which has to be followed at any cost.

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