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There are various criteria that help in choosing the diversity of text for the classroom. In addition, it is the duty of a teacher, school management, boards, and authorities to decide the criterion. Most noteworthy, these criterions help in deciding the right course of study for student’s progress and development.

diversity of text

In addition, it is important to remember at the time of diversification that for whom we are doing this (teachers, students, etc.). It is also important to keep in mind the mindset of the target people.

Also, teaching cannot work properly if it does not know about the mindset of the target individual’s life and behavior.

Diversity of Text

The first thing that we need to decide is the book. There are hundreds of choices in the market but we need to sort that out and choose the most appropriate book for study. Also, the right book will increase the understanding and culture importance of the course of study in a classroom. In addition, this process helps in choosing the correct textbook.

There are various points that help teachers to diverse text on the basis of some principles. And help ion choosing the right book.


Deciding the right author for the right subject is difficult. As there are hundreds of authors in the market. So, for deciding the right author we need to learn about the author and their writing. Also, after a complete study of the author, we can decide the right author for the subject.


It is also necessary to decide the right publication according to the course of study. In addition, it is the responsibility of people to decide the right publication that contains all the topics of the syllabus. Besides, outdated and less important historical factbook should be avoided.

Reading level

We should also keep in mind the reading level of the user or reader. Most noteworthy, it is important to choose the right language because a too difficult book might bounce off over the head of students. So, the language of the book should be easy.

Grade level

The grade or class of person is also important. Besides, the person choosing the book should consider this point while choosing the book. For example, suppose you choose a book suitable for class 6 and teach it in class 4 then the students will not be able to understand its content. So, it is a difficult task that needs a discussion with some experienced person. In addition, the book should not contain any type of offensive words, any bad habit character, or any physical relation situation.


The category needs to be decided in advance and it should contain diversity. There should be a variety of genre, class, race, gender, and ethnicity in the book. A book that contains the diversity of text is the best.


In case it is a novel or book that contains various stories of different character then it needs to diversify. Moreover, there should be an equal distribution of stories where the main character is either male or female. The Book should maintain the point of view of gender equality. Most noteworthy, the balance is always provided.

Writing style

The last point of this list is the writing style. It should be appealing and the reader must get attracted to it just by reading the first few pages. For teaching the students it is very important that they find this book and writing style appealing. If the student at any point feels that the book is boring then they will not take an interest in it. So, it is very important to choose an appealing book.

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