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It’s the day of your exam and tension levels are high. You are geared up for whatever challenge the exam paper holds, knowing that your actions could determine the rest of your life. You could possibly be sweating and panicking. If not a tough question paper, what could make this day more horrific? Well, how about having an exam invigilator who is a pain in the head? That moment when you realize that the teacher you hate the most or the teacher who hates you the most is your exam invigilator. The rivalry doesn’t end in the exam hall, right?

As a child, the exam season meant complete curfew—no TV shows, no movie outings, no playing with friends, nothing. This ordeal got worse when I used to come across a serious-faced Hitler (pun intended), I mean invigilator in the exam hall. Whether it is asking for an extra answer sheet during the last 10 minutes of the exam or clearing a doubt you have, this kind of supervisor used to be perpetually annoyed. Every time I look at him/her, they’d scare the death out of me.

Let’s look at the five types of invigilators we might love or hate but just can’t ignore (not that we have an option)..

The ‘Stare-to-Death’ Type

They seem to have two eyes in front and two at the back of their head. These invigilators know everything from how many times you breathe in a minute to how many times you scratched your head in doubt. They are ruthless. Nothing can escape their sight! Anything from asking for an extra answer sheet during the last 15 minutes of the exam to getting the graph booklet arranged, can annoy them. Every time you look at them, you find them doing their favourite thing, staring right at you.

The Eating Machine

Now, here you are sitting in the exam room all starved, tensed and sweaty. What could be your worst nightmare? Yes, that one invigilator who is always munching on something. It feels like he/she have been fasting for days or maybe dieting from days and can’t control anymore. His/her only aim is to make you feel more hungry and deprived of the finer things in life (at least for those 3 hours).

The Curious Cat

These are probably the most annoying kinds. They stand next to you and read every word you write. The ones who give you disagreeing looks or shocked expressions, making you wonder if you have written the right answer. They are either thinking about what you are writing or what the teacher will think about what you write. The most terrible part? They don’t even help out and make your confusion worse.

The Dragon

You’ll literally see fumes coming out of these fire-breathing monsters. They have issues, many issues. Trust issue, bad attitude issue, arrogance issue, high temper issue, this issue and that issue. They look perpetually angry and disturbed. They simply don’t know what politeness means. You’ll often get tempted to tell them: Ma’am/ Sir, no chillies for you from today.

The Chatter Box

The last five minutes of the exam can be life-saving. No matter how much you write in those three hours, you’re most likely to remember the most important stuff only in those last five minutes. So, most of you will be cramming words here and there and trying to make sense out of them. If it’s your bad luck, then you’ll have this super active invigilator who decides to make all important announcements in those five minutes and constantly remind you that there are only five minutes left. Now four…three…two…and that’s how it goes.

Disclaimer: This is JUST FOR FUN

Apart from all these hilarious examples, we need to understand that examinations do play a key role in everyone’s lives. And invigilators, no matter how intimidating they are, should not be a source of fear. However, there are instances when examiners interfere with students actions intentionally or unintentionally. At times, completing the paper becomes difficult when the examiner starts peeking into it and creating an awkward situation. What can be scarier than being surrounded by an exam invigilator who plays slowed-down games of “chicken” in the aisles?

In my experience, if you haven’t done anything wrong or broken any rule, there is no reason for the invigilator to trouble you. Well, I cannot really guarantee that always 😉

So, have you come across any bizarre invigilators? Let us know.

The comment box is open for suggestions.

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