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When someone introduces you as a doctor or an aspiring doctor, aunties look at you like you’re Hercules, your peers look at you like you’re an over achiever and your parents think they’ve given birth to a superstar. But no one understands that being a doctor is a tough job. Everyday you’re taking calls that could affect someone’s life. For others a bad day at work is just a bad day, for you a bad day at work is monumental.

Here’s why being a doctor isn’t just a jaded profession, it’s a full time commitment…

1. When you start studying, you can safely assume your social life will be non-existent for quiet a long time.

2. There is nothing such as too much knowledge.


3. Your days turn into nights, you have no concept of ‘work hours’.

4. You realise hospitals aren’t as exciting as Grey’s Anatomy portrays them to be.


5. You’re mentally always on-call.


6. You have to deliver the bad news.


7. You’re surrounded by heartbreaking scenarios but you can never be emotional.


8. You have the ability to save a life and it’s a huge responsibility.

This Doctor’s Day, we salute our heroes dressed in latex gloves and white robes, you’re effort is #GreaterThan the recognition you get. 

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