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Drop for the NITs! :O

The world is an endless ocean of possibilities, filled with all of our proverbial ‘Nemos’ just waiting to be found. Though we initially fail a hundred times only to succeed once in a blue moon, but the elation we feel after that one success is what drives us to scale new heights. This is what the inspirational and motivational quotes on Quora will tell you. However, the reality bears a stark contrast to this idealistic perspective. The world is indeed an endless ocean of possibilities, but nearly all amongst us are merely a bunch of hollow logs gasping for breath. I am sorry, but this is how it is. Every year, the months of April and May probably mark the last leg of the largest rat race our nation has ever known! You know what I’m talking about. Out of tens of lakhs of students, a mere handful of students are granted the opportunity to study in few best institutes of our nation, namely the IITs and NITs. Of course, the rest are left either to fend for themselves and settle for their respective colleges or with a big question,”Should I take a drop for the NITs?”.

About the NITs : Is it really worth to take a drop for the NITs?

The main question that these not-so-successful people often tend to ask is, “should I try again next year”. After all, we are buried neck deep in quotes from the likes of Thomas Edison telling us to keep trying. And the answer often requires a through introspection of all the options available in hand. But one particular option sticks out: if your hopes of getting into an IIT are slim, the next best choice is usually the NITs.

The NITs, or the National Institute of Technologies also offer a quality education at subsidized prices. Here, you are bred in an environment comprising of people possessing some really impressive cranial capabilities. And apart from the obvious placement related perks, your chances of going abroad for Masters are also improved due to the Institutes’ reputation.

To Do or Not To Do, That’s the Question

So, is it really worth sacrificing an entire year just for taking that another shot towards making it, before the gates close? Well firstly, I would suggest you to do an honest assessment of your abilities and aptitude. This is really a difficult decision, and hence it is best to look at it objectively. This can be done best by looking at your current JEE scores/ranks. If you just missed the cut-offs by a few thousand ranks (10,000 tops), you perhaps have a reasonable chance of clearing the entrances next year.

Please bear this in mind that dropping a year is way more painful than dropping an iPhone. Everyone around you may judge you and perhaps your neighborhood aunties might show no mercy. Watching your friends kick-start the next chapter of their lives might also evoke the feelings of envy and sometimes anger. Sure, you could plan to study 12 hours a day everyday until the dreaded judgement day or the day of your exam. But a mind clouded by depression is seldom the one that absorbs a lot of information and knowledge. This will happen countless times, that you might doubt yourself and even breakdown or cry: its okay to do so. But one must have the strong ability to cut everything off and focus on the task in hand! Or else, the mission will doomed even before it will be started.

Its Not the End of this World

Not many people are aware that missing a chance to study in IITs or NITs isn’t the end of the world! Who really cares about it if you can’t walk around with an ‘NITian’ badge plastered across your face? Its imperative to acknowledge and understand the fact that the true measure of a man is certainly not the college he belongs to, but the content of his character. People who do not get into these colleges are rarely outcasts and IITians are seldom successful entrepreneurs! Plenty of opportunities will present themselves in future and will give you the opportunity to shine brighter than anyone else.

Think, Decide, Act

Dropping a year is one of the riskiest decisions ever. But I also won’t lie to you: a lot of people have dropped a year and subsequently have made miracles come true. With the right mindset and the right amount of focus, any impossible can be made turned into a possible. However, the flip side of the coin is: you cannot afford to fail twice.

So depending on what your actual life goals are, you could choose whether or not to sacrifice a year for getting a better course in a better college. Specifically, with reference to NITs, a calculated risk in taking a drop for the NITs is always worth it. But then also acknowledge the fact that the competition grows exponentially with each passing year, and so you will have to remain very well prepared to put in that extra effort for making all your dreams come true.

With all these factors in mind, I hope that you make the right decision. As I mentioned before, if your hopes of getting into an IIT are slim, the next best choice is usually the NITs. So taking a drop for the NITs is worth it. It’s not only you, but quite a few people struggle with this question whether to take a drop for the NITs. Your life is a scuba diving suit thrust into your hands, how you use it to find your proverbial Nemo is entirely up to you.

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All the very best!

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