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Economics Sample Papers for Class 12 Commerce:

Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.) class XII Board exams have started and it is time to give your 100% in your exams. With increase in competition every day, it has become very important to score good marks in your class XII as these marks will decide your career and future prospects. The question that arises in every student’s mind during his/her board exams is how to practice and prepare in order to score well. And the answer to this is that after completing your syllabus you should just focus on solving sample papers, because these sample papers are in accordance with the latest syllabus and will provide you with the latest exam pattern. These sample papers will benefit you a lot in not only increasing your speed but also in boosting your confidence. Here, we discuss why it is important to solve economics sample papers for class 12 commerce.

Before going through the economics sample papers for class 12 commerce, you can look at the Economics question paper design in order to know the different types of questions that will be asked in the final Boards examination:

                                                         Suggested Question Paper Design                                                                                                                                                                                            Economics (Code 030)                                                                                                                                                                                                                Class XII 

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                                        Max. Marks : 100

1. Remembering                   (Knowledge based simple recall questions, to know specific facts,terms,concepts,principles,or theories,identify,define,or recite, information)         2          1          2          2         25
2. Understanding                               (Comprehension – to be familiar with meaning and to understand conceptually,interpret,compare,    contrast,explain,paraphrase,or interpret information)         3          2          1           2         25
3. Application                                      (Use abstract information in concrete situation,to apply knowledge to new situations;Use given content to interpret a situation.provide an example, or solve a problem)        –          2          2           1         20
4. High Order Thinking Skills     (Analysis and Synthesis – Classify,compare,contrast,or differentiate between pieces of information.Organise and/or integrate unique pieces of information from a variety of sources)        2          2          –           2         20
5. Evaluation and Multi-Disciplinary                                     (Appraise, judge,and/or justify the value or worth of a decision or outcome,or to predict outcomes based on values        1           1          –           1          10
              Total  8 x 1 =8  8 x 3 = 24  5 x 4 = 20  8 x 6 = 48  100 (29)

Why to solve Economics Sample papers for Class 12 Commerce:

Why is it important to solve economics sample papers for class 12 commerce? Are sample papers helpful for CBSE Board exams? Can you score more marks in Economics by practising sample papers? These are the questions that pops up in every student’s mind when they are asked to solve sample papers.With the help of sample papers, you will be able to prepare better for your exams and will no longer feel exam pressure or nervousness.When you will solve 2-3 sample papers daily you will find that there are some questions and topics which are repetitive. Accordingly, you can further mark them as important questions and focus on them. These sample papers will also help you in the revision of your entire syllabus. The more papers you practise ,the more you will be able to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and work harder on the sections which you think are weak.

Economics Sample Papers for Class 12 Commerce:

Economics sample papers will help you in facilitating clear understanding of the subject. Hence, I have attached some sample papers below so that you can practise them and get familiarise with the exam pattern.Class 12 commerce students should solve these sample papers and after solving the papers they should match their solutions with Marking Scheme that is provided with these Sample Papers.

1. Question paper of 2018: CBSE CLASS 12 ECONOMICS SAMPLE PAPER-2018

2. Marking scheme for the paper of 2018: CBSE CLASS 12 ECONOMICS MARKING SCHEME- 2018

3. Question paper of 2017: CBSE ECONOMICS CLASS 12 SAMPLE PAPER- 2017

4. Marking scheme for the paper of 2017: CBSE CLASS 12 ECONOMICS MARKING SCHEME -2017

5. Question paper of 2016 : CBSE CLASS 12 ECONOMICS SAMPLE PAPER -2016

6. Marking scheme for the paper of  2016: CBSE CLASS 12 ECONOMICS MARKING SCHEME – 2016

Why is Marking scheme important for class 12 Economics subject?

It is very important for the students of class XII to know about the marking scheme of the exam paper so that they can prepare accordingly and focus on the chapters with more weightage. The marking scheme provided by Central Board of Secondary Education gives general guidelines so that there can be less subjectivity in the marking of subject .The answers that we find in marking scheme are just suggested answers. If a student gives an answer other than the one present in the marking scheme then he/she will be given full weightage if it conveys the same meaning.

Important Questions from 2017 Economics Board papers:

  • State any one feature of oligopoly.
  • Explain the distinction between ‘change in supply’ and ‘change in quantity supplied’.
  • State the meaning and properties of production possibilities frontier.
  • Show that demand of a commodity is inversely related to its price. Explain with the help of utility analysis.
  • Why is an indifference curve negatively sloped ? Explain.
  • When price of a commodity X falls by 10 per cent, its demand rises from 150 units to 180 units. Calculate its price elasticity of demand. How much should be the percentage fall in its price so that its demand rises from 150 to 210 units?
  • Good Y is a substitute of good X. The price of Y falls. Explain the chain of effects of this change in the market of X. Explain the chain of effects of excess supply of a good on its equilibrium price.
  • Distinguish between final goods and intermediate goods. Give an example of each.
  • Explain how government budget can be used to influence distribution of income?

Important Questions from 2016 Economics Board papers :

  • When does increase in demand take place?
  • What is the relation between marginal cost and average variable cost when marginal cost is rising and variable cost is falling ?
  • What is Maximum Price Ceiling? Explain its implications.
  • Define Production function.Distinguish between short run and long run production functions or define cost.Distinguish between fixed costs and variable costs.
  • A producer supplies 80 units of a good at a price of Rs. 10 per unit.Price elasticity of supply is 4. How much will he supply at Rs. 9 per unit.
  • Explain the “distinction change in quality supplied” and “change in supply”.Use diagram.
  • Explain the implications of the following in an oligopoly market: (a) Inter- dependence between firms (b) Non- price competition.
  • What is Revenue Expenditure.
  • Fiscal deficits equal: (a) Interest payments (b) Borrowings (c) Interest payments less borrowings (d) Borrowings less internet payments.
  • What is the effect of a rise in income of the consumer, with prices of goods X and Y remaining unchanged, upon the budget line?
  • Which of the following is responsible for leftward shift of supply curve? (a) Improvement in technology  (b) Fall in prices of inputs.      (c) Fall in prices of other goods  (d) Increase in excise duty.

Important Questions from 2015 Economics Board papers :

  • Define revenue. State the relation between marginal revenue and average revenue.
  • A consumer consumes only two goods  X and Y  both priced at Rs. 3 per unit.If the consumer chooses the combination of these two goods with Marginal Rate of substitution equal to 3, is the consumer in equilibrium.Give reasons.
  • What is ‘aggregate supply’ in macroeconomics ?
  • Name the broad categories of transactions recorded in the ‘current account’ of the Balance of Payments Accounts.
  • Explain the ‘bank of issue’ function of the Central Bank.

I hope all this information will help you with your preparations and also in tuning your strategies for the board exams. All the best for your exams!


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