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It is a known fact that heavy alcohol consumption can be very injurious to health and can cause major health problems. But still a lot of people do it. When you drink alcohol, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and affects every part of your body. Alcohol is not too bad for your health if you drink in limits but in the long run, the effect of alcohol can be disastrous.

Effect Of Alcohol On Body:

Alcohol is a depressant that tends to slow down the function of the central nervous system and affect a person’s mental, emotional & physical state. When there is over consumption of alcohol it causes loss of coordination, staggering, slurred speech, mentally instability, disorientation etc. When excessive amounts of alcohol is consumed in a short span of time, it could result in alcohol poisoning with an immediate effect of nausea, extreme sleepiness, unconsciousness, difficulty in breathing, dangerously low blood sugar levels etc.

The long term effect of alcohol on your body can be varying and disastrous. Here are some of them:

• Brain damage

Prolonged heavy drinking can cause blackouts, memory loss and anxiety. It can result in permanent brain damage & a serious mental health issue. Too much alcohol can damage the brain cells & in turn may affect the behavior and the ability of a person to learn, remember & understand.

• Cancers

Followed by smoking, drinking alcohol is the second largest risk factor for cancers of the mouth and throat. A person consuming too much alcohol may develop liver cancer which can be very fetal.

• Heart disease

Excessive and prolonged drinking of alcohol can cause high blood pressure that, in turn, increases the potential risk of a heart attack, irregular heart beat or maybe even a stroke. Alcohol tends to slowly weaken the heart muscles, which would then ultimately affect the lungs, liver, brain and other parts of the body.

• Lungs

Too much alcohol can cause lung infection & end up giving you collapsed lungs, leading to pneumonia. Also, heavy drinking may cause a person to vomit & choke to death if vomit gets sucked into their lungs.

• Liver

Constant drinking of large quantity alcohol can causes fat deposits in the liver. Also excessive drinking may lead to the inflaming of the liver causing alcoholic hepatitis, which can result in liver failure and death.

• Stomach

Drinking beyond certain limit can cause stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, inflammation of the stomach & even cancer.

• Pancreas

Prolonged consumption of alcohol can cause inflammation of the pancreas that can be very painful, leading to vomiting, fever and even drastic weight loss

• Kidneys

Heavy drinking can cause of chronic kidney disease & ultimately resulting in kidney failure.

• Sexual health & fertility

Heavy drinking affects one’s sexual health too. Also, studies have proved that an alcoholic man could suffer from infertility and as for pregnant women, it could seriously affect the unborn child’s development process

• Mental health

Alcohol has tremendous affect on one’s mental & emotional stability. It results in people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, increases suicidal tendency, personality disorder; disrupt normal sleeping, result in insomnia etc.

These various effect of alcohol can lead to hideous crimes like domestic violence, rape assault, vandalism, having a road accident, losing one’s job due to repeated absenteeism or poor performance, damaged relationships with family & friends. The bottom line is even if one wishes to have a drink, it won’t be an issue provided if enjoyed in limits. One needs to draw a line and think of all the above effects before getting into the habit of drinking.

Your habits determine your success. So be careful of what habits you develop.

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