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Ever wondered if you could travel back in time and make changes that will drastically alter your life for good? And how you would be a different person, and how the dissonance of things around you would have worked out according to your plans? Have you pondered over your “OWN” plans and dreams, rather than those of your neighbourhood aunty’s or those of your dad’s colleagues, who happen to take more interest in your future than your parents (pun intended)? The only way you could fix things in life is by becoming better at time management and ensuring that you value each moment.

Ways to Improve Time-Management Skills

Here are some suggestions that could help you manage time better.

Rise Early to Create Your Own Destiny!

If you hope to take control of your life, then you need to stop being stuck in the past. Your present is the future’s past. Make changes now so that you are in charge of your life instead of some nosy well-wisher. In the end, everything boils down to:

“Wake up early, you lazy animal..!” 😉

Yes, it is that simple! Wake up early and your life would start falling into place in due course of time. Most people struggle to conquer the insatiable need to sleep “just” 5 minutes more. They hit the snooze button until those 5 minutes turn into 5 hours! So, it’s wise to resist the temptation of snoozing off to sleep.

Let’s go through some of the astounding benefits of waking up early.

  1. It prepares your mind, your heart, and your soul for a productive day. Your brain works more efficiently and that in turn, gives you the edge over others ‘to do more things in less time’.
  2. Waking up early gives you mental focus, an impudent mental energy as you can call it. Club it with a few minutes of meditation and you become a superman (or wonder woman… nobody can blame me for being a sexist). It brings out the creative side of you. Most writers, painters, artists are known to wake up before 5 am.
  3. Another rather important benefit is the psychological boost that it provides. You know that you have worked, studied and honed your skills while the world sleeps.

Your Attitude Makes All The Difference!

Many of you must have experienced time passing slowly. It could be a boring lecture or a nervous date with your long-time crush. Well, all of us have. I’m not talking about ungraspable ideas such as time dilation or Descartes’s demons who mess with your brain to make you feel as if time is flowing quickly. My point is much simpler – our experience of time changes with our attitude towards the world. An ‘uninteresting’ lecture drags on because our attitude of disinterest stops us from engaging with it. So, we end up hoping for the time to pass quickly.

Read about how to make positive thinking a habit here.

Make Time For Yourself!

Some of the most persistent complaints that people have always been making are: “Time’s flowing so quickly;” “I wish I had more time on hand to do my work better” or “If only I had the time to pursue my dreams,” etc. Well, guess what, you only have as much time as you make for yourself! That’s right, if you want to learn better time management, you must take control of your life! The motivational guru Robin Sharma says “When you wake up uber-early, you have your day, your way.” He calls it the “5 am club”. Many famous personalities like the Disney CEO Robert Iger and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi are staunch believers of this 5 am club.

Some More Tips for Time Management

Below are some tried-and-tested formulae that Robin Sharma’s clients claim to have worked miraculously.

  1. Make it a habit: According to the latest research, it takes 66 days to develop a habit. Many say 21 days, but I’ll stick to what Robin Sharma says here because he is the one who inspired me to write this piece. People give up in one or two days, but you need to fight the hurdles that come. Just remember “Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, gorgeous at the end.”  This new habit of waking up early will become your new normal, and there will be a time when you cannot help but wake up early.
  2. Get up at the same time every day, rather than 5 am one day and 5:30 the next. Building consistency is important for time management!
  3. Follow a motivating schedule right from the time you wake up. Start by 20 minutes of exercise. It energizes your body. Dopamine and serotonin get released as you exercise and these naturally secreted chemical compounds make you happy.
  4. Practice writing things down: Have it in black and white that you must wake up early tomorrow. It gives you the precision of thought. As the saying goes “Vague goals lead to vague results,” so chalk out your plan; have it in writing.
  5. Have a great night’s sleep: Quality of sleep is always more important than quantity. To achieve this, reduce the number of distractions before you go to bed and have a relaxed mind. Look at the stars if that’s possible and go into a peaceful slumber to awaken as a ‘new beginning’.
  6. Keep the alarm clock away from the bed. If you are anything like me, this is self-explanatory.
  7. And finally, do NOT snooze. Wake up the 1st time you hear the alarm. Jump out of bed; make it a ritual.

Well, these were a few tips to ameliorate your life and become super productive. Transforming your life is completely in your hands. The day you start valuing each moment, you’ll realize that life is so beautiful and just the way you had imagined it to be.

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