Having gifted children under your guidance is a blessing. As people are not fully aware of the needs of gifted children, there needs to be more awareness. Similarly, it is important for a teacher to understand that not all gifted children excel academically. They may have other talents in the creative and arts field. In addition, it can also be all-encompassing.

Who are Gifted Children?

Gifted Children are ones who prove to be having extraordinary abilities in various areas like this one. Some may excel in a specific area, while others may be more universal. These areas include creativity, leadership, academics, music, arts and more.

These children need amenities which schools do not generally offer. Therefore, given the right type of facilities and encouragement, gifted children can certainly advance their abilities.

Gifted Children
Signs of a Gifted Child

Giftedness is something which a child is born with. It follows them throughout their life. Although no two students can shine in a similar manner, there are some common signs. These signs help in recognizing whether a child is gifted. They are-

1] Curious

You will encounter a lot of questions from a gifted child. They are often curious about their surroundings. Their questions go beyond the ordinary ones. They require details to quench their thirst.

2] Different Approach

While the other students try to abide by the book to score more, gifted children approach the subject differently. In other words, they generally take the alternate route to reach the conclusion.

3] Unique Ideas

Gifted children are unique and so are their ideas. Their wild imagination generates original ideas. Never discourage them from doing so. It may have a negative impact on them. This may also allow self-doubt to creep in.

4] Sensitive

They are quite sensitive in nature, to their surroundings. It is important to give them ample motivation. Do not shun their feelings or try to treat them normally. It may shut them out which will be harmful in the long run.

5] Opinionated

These children will always have strong opinions about things that matter to them. They are exceptionally self-aware. Some may be relatively emotional too.

Tips for Teaching Gifted Children

Gifted Children require special attention and a different approach. How should one meet these needs? Here are some tips which will help-

Create a Community

Each child is on their own level. You need to recognize the various levels and group them together. This flexible grouping allows for easy learning. Children will feel safe in a similar community. After that, they will not feel like an outcast.

Evaluate Frequently

One must evaluate their skills frequently. This will help in choosing the right method of teaching further. Moreover, this evaluation will create accurate groups.

For instance, if a child grasps tough concepts easily, there is no need to teach them the easier ones.

Let Students Lead

As such students have a different approach, it is better to let them take charge. This allows the child to learn at their own pace.

Likewise, it will generate fruitful results. In addition to the child learning to work independently.

Respect Their Interests

As mentioned earlier, gifted students take the alternate route. They apply their individual approach to learning something. In the same vein, teachers should honor their interests. Let them explore subjects of interest in their particular ways. This will enhance the outcome.

Include Parents

Always remember to involve the parents. Parents understand the kid better than anyone else. It will be useful to incorporate their ideas. Their inputs can benefit teachers when dealing with such children. Further, they can ease up your process by helping them at home too.

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